A Man Like None Other Chapter 2781

Sitting on their pterodactyls, Chen Ping and the Three Monstrous Thieves soon caught up with Liu Ruyan and the others!

Seeing this, Chen Ping let the Pterodactyl descend and set them free!

After all, it wasn’t very far from Jialing County, so if they went to Jialing County in the Winged Dragon, it would be too flashy!

“Thank you all so much ……”

Chen Ping said as he stroked a pterodactyl’s head!

The pterodactyl let out a hiss, seemingly in response to Chen Ping, before spreading its wings and flying away!

“Chen Ping, are you alright?”

Liu Ruyan asked heartily when she saw Chen Ping in a state full of wretchedness!

“I’m fine!” Chen Ping smiled and shook his head.

“Mr. Chen, your body is very weak, how come you look like this?”

The Third Elder saw that Chen Ping didn’t have any injuries on his body, but his breath was extremely weak, so he asked in disbelief!

“Mr. Chen was picking the Heavenly Lightning Fruit, that’s why he got like this, the Heavenly Lightning Tree is too perverted, to the extent that it is able to emit the power of thunder and lightning to blast the person picking the Heavenly Lightning Fruit!”

Da Jie said!

“What? You picked the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, Mr. Chen?”

Ich asked with an incredulous look on his face after hearing this!

One had to know that that Thunder Eagle King was at the strength of a transmigration, how could Chen Ping have picked the Heavenly Thunder Fruit when he was only at the second rank of the Combined Body realm?

Moreover, the lightning power of the Heavenly Thunder Tree was so strong that even if a person was at the peak of the Harmony Realm, he would be seriously injured if he received a blow, but Chen Ping was not injured, only his breath was weak!

Chen Ping nodded “I picked three, if the lightning power of that day’s thunder tree wasn’t too perverted, I guess I could have picked a few more ……”

Hearing Chen Ping’s words, the others didn’t react much, after all, they didn’t know the power of that day’s lightning tree either!

But Yi He’s eyes were wide and full of incredulity, “Mr. Chen, you actually picked three Heavenly Lightning Fruits? That’s incredible, didn’t that Thunder Eagle King stop you?”

“That Thunder Eagle King wasn’t even there, he should have gone to Jialing County, that’s why I was able to get it.”

Chen Ping explained!

“But even if that Thunder Eagle King wasn’t there, there’s no way he wouldn’t have sent other Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles to keep watch, and the power of lightning from that day’s Thunder Tree was terrifying, how were you able to resist it?”

Yi Hyuk couldn’t understand how on earth Chen Ping, a cultivator of the second rank of the Harmony Realm, had managed to resist that thunderbolt attack!

Chen Ping briefly followed Yih’s Demon Emperor, including the matter of using the Stone Iron Bridge to hold back the Ning Clan!

When Yih heard Chen Ping’s words, he couldn’t help but be impressed!

Chen Ping was considered brave and resourceful, not just a brute force!

But it was a miracle that Chen Ping, with this physical body, was able to resist the multiple lightning attacks from the Heavenly Thunder Tree!

“Mr. Chen, don’t spread the news about you obtaining the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, if it gets out at the Pill Master’s Conference, you’ll definitely attract a lot of trouble!”

The Third Elder reminded Chen Ping!

“Right, it mustn’t get out, if that Thunder Eagle King finds out about it, he won’t be kind either, now that only a few of us know about it, we must all keep it a secret and not say anything!”

Yih said!

“Don’t worry, the three of us brothers will definitely not say anything, except that the two elders of that Flying Sky Sect all know about Mr. Chen picking the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, if they also go to Jialing County, there is no guarantee that they will leak the news.”

Da Jie opened his mouth and said!

“That’s a bit troublesome, if we really can’t, we’ll just wait for that Flying Sky Sect’s elders outside Jialing County, and as soon as we find them, we’ll just kill them, so that they can stop the secret in their stomachs!”

Liu Ruyan said with a cold glint in her eyes!

For Chen Ping, Liu Ruyan was willing to do anything!

“It’s better to leave them alone for now, maybe that Stone Iron Bridge has already been eaten by the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk, let’s enter Jialing County first!”

Chen Ping said!

Several people nodded, and then started heading in the direction of Jialing County!