A Man Like None Other Chapter 2752

Chen Ping frowned and shook his head “I have never seen this poison either, I don’t know the antidote yet, I can only find some herbs and experiment a little ……”

Although Chen Ping found out, but this poison, Chen Ping does not have an effective way to lift.

To lift this poison, Chen Ping would need to experiment a little bit to see exactly what kind of herbs could work!

The moment Yih Demon Emperor heard that Chen Ping didn’t even have a way to cure the poison, his expression instantly became somewhat despondent! www.vodtw.com

“You don’t have to be discouraged, as long as you give me time, I will definitely be able to lift this poison.”

Chen Ping looked at Ichthus Demon Emperor and patted him on the shoulder and said!

The Ikh Demon Emperor nodded “I believe in the Hall Master’s ability ……”

“When you come here, just rest well, I will go out and prepare some herbs first to see if I can refine some pills out for you to try first!”

Chen Ping finished speaking and walked straight out of the room, leaving the Ichthus Demon Emperor to rest in his own room!

“Chen Ping, how is it going?” Liu Ruyan saw Chen Ping come out and hurriedly asked!

“The poison that the Demon Emperor has been poisoned with is too special, and I don’t have an effective solution for now.”

“I’ll write a list, Third Elder prepare the herbs for me, I’ll try to practice a few pills to try first!”

Chen Ping said, about to write a list for the Third Elder to grab the pills according to it!

But the Third Elder had a puzzled look on his face, “Mr. Chen, our Jade Tripod Sect’s resources have already reached the bottom, I’m afraid we can’t get the herbs you need.”

The Third Elder’s words instantly embarrassed Chen Ping, who had forgotten that all the resources of the Jade Tripod Sect had almost been consumed by himself!

“Third Elder, whatever Chen Ping needs, you must find it, no matter what you think of, even if it costs much.”

Liu Ruyan said to the Third Elder!

“Sovereign, you also know that even with more spirit coins, some medicinal herbs cannot be bought.”

The Third Elder said helplessly!

“You …………”

Liu Ruyan still wanted to force the Third Elder, but Chen Ping spoke up “Ruyan, don’t push the Third Elder anymore, the herbs I need, indeed no amount of spirit coins can buy them.”

Liu Ruyan was stunned, and then looked at Chen Ping with an incredulous look in her eyes, with a strong look of love in her eyes!

Chen Ping looked a little uncomfortable when he saw the way Liu Ruyan was looking at himself!

“What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” Chen Ping asked when he saw Liu Ruyan looking straight at him!

“Chen Ping, what did you call out to me just now?”

Liu Ruyan asked excitedly!

Chen Ping was stunned, and then remembered that he had just shouted Liu Ruyan’s name.

He didn’t call her Miss Liu, so that made Chen Ping and Liu Ruyan seem much closer!

“I …… I just shouted it in passing, if you don’t like it, I can ……”

“Like it, I especially like it!” Liu Ruyan hurriedly shouted excitedly “You can call my name from now on, so that we both look more intimate!”

“If you need any herbs, tell me directly, I’ll go and purchase them for you even if I’ve lost all my money!”

“This …………” Chen Ping was speechless for a moment!

“Sovereign, if Mr. Chen is not in a hurry, we can totally wait until the Pill Master’s meeting to acquire some herbs!”

“By then, all kinds of herbs will be available in Jialing County, and the prices will be fair!”

The Third Elder said to Liu Ruyan!

When Liu Ruyan heard this, she thought it was an idea, so she looked at Chen Ping and said “Chen Ping, if you are not in a hurry, I will take you to the Pill Master’s Association, there will be all kinds of herbs there!”

“There’s no rush, when does the Pill Master Meeting start?” Chen Ping asked!

“It starts in three days, but the distance is too far, we have to move ahead, we will leave tomorrow!”

Liu Ruyan said!