A Man Like None Other Chapter 2742

“Old thing, you’re too arrogant, I’ll attack your Demon Emperor City now and let you see for yourself ……”

When Li Xing finished speaking, he waved the scimitar in his hand “Charge me …………”

After Li Xing’s Heaven Opening Axe had been destroyed by Chen Ping, he had switched to this machete!

“Charge! …………”

Tens of thousands of soldiers began to shout as they charged towards the Demon Emperor City!

The demon emperor looked at the pawns below, and the smug Li Xing, and said with a cold glint in his eyes, “Little brat, it seems that if I don’t show him something, he really thinks he’s something!”

With these words, Emperor Yih was about to take his own hands and capture that Knight Star from the midst of the army!

But before Emperor Yih could move, a long, cold sword was already around his neck!

“Demon Emperor, you’d better behave and not move ……”

Huben’s voice came from behind the Demon Emperor!

Yih Demon Emperor’s eyes were filled with surprise, followed by anger as he listened to Huben’s voice!

“Huben, what are you doing?”

Seeing this, Princess Isha was startled and roared at Huben!

“Huben, you dare to kill your master, how dare you ……”

Elder Pei was also full of surprise as he roared at Huben!

“Hahahaha, regicide? I’ve been loyal for so many years, but what did I get in the end? It’s not even worse than a human.”

“Princess Isha would rather follow a human than look at me, I will always be just an insignificant henchman in their eyes!”

“This life is meaningless, I don’t want to be some bullshit guard general, I want to be the Demon Emperor, I want to rule the whole Demon Emperor City.”

“At that time, whichever woman I want, whichever woman will follow me, including Isha, she won’t be a princess anymore, she’ll just be a plaything for me!”

Tiger Ben laughed madly, a gust of wind blew his hair about, and Tiger Ben’s eyes were filled with madness!

At this moment, along with Huben’s laughter, the city gates opened and Li Xing rushed in with his men!

“Huben, you traitor, I’ll kill you ……”

Hearing Huben’s words, Princess Isha almost didn’t get angry and stepped forward to strike at Huben!

But he was stopped by Elder Pei, “Calm down, Princess, the Demon Emperor is still in his hands, you can’t be impulsive!”

“Princess Isha, if you don’t want your father to die in my hands, then be good and obedient!”

Huben said with a cold smile!

Princess Isha looked at Huben in anger, but could do nothing!

At this moment, Li Xing also came to the top of the city wall, looking at the controlled Ichthus Demon Emperor, and said with a disdainful smile “Didn’t you just say that I couldn’t enter your Demon Emperor City at all? I have now entered, and I am standing in front of you!”

The demon emperor of Yih looked at the dejected Li Xing, without a trace of panic on his face, and said calmly “You think a broken sword can control me? I will kill you both now, do you believe me?”

“I don’t believe you, my life is right here, come and get it!”

Li Xing provoked the Ichthus Demon Emperor.

“You seek death ……”

Feeling Li Xing’s provocation, the Ikh Demon Emperor finally became angry and his aura instantly exploded!

A fierce wind instantly swept up, but just as the Ikh Demon Emperor was about to make his move, his face suddenly changed, followed by displaying a very painful look!

At the same time, Princess Isha also fell to the ground with her hands covering her abdomen and a painful look on her face!

“Demon Emperor, Princess ……”

When Elder Pei saw this, he panicked a little at once!

Demon Emperor Yih could only feel that his internal organs were like knives twisting, the breath in his body was draining away so fast that he had no way to gather his strength!

Seeing that the Ichthus Demon Emperor was poisoned, Li Xing laughed loudly and said “Hahahaha, you think I dare to bring people to attack your Demon Emperor City without preparation?”

The demon emperor’s meal last night has been poisoned by me, this poison is colorless and tasteless, after eating it, it will make you lose your power ……”