A Man Like None Other Chapter 2525

At this, the older Boulder villager bowed his head and stopped talking!

All of them were listless and the atmosphere became very depressing!

Yun’er looked at her own injuries and was also worried. She originally wanted to hunt more to earn money to treat her grandmother’s eyes, but now she didn’t have the money to treat her eyes, and now she was injured!

“Yun’er, is it hard for you to heal these traumatic injuries here too?”

Chen Ping asked, very puzzled!

Because these traumatic injuries could be healed with just some simple herbs and did not require any expensive herbs, but why was it so difficult?

“Of course it’s hard, we have to go to a town hundreds of kilometres away to find a medicine man to heal our injuries, and they ask for a very expensive price.”

Yun’er said to Chen Ping!

As soon as Chen Ping heard this, he decided to pick some herbs in the mountains and then heal the villagers of Bashi Village, although Chen Ping’s strength had not fully recovered and there was no way to refine high level pills, it was still very simple to refine some pills to heal these external injuries!

“Ah Li, you take them back first, I’ll pick some herbs on this mountain range so I can go back and heal the injuries on your bodies!”

Chen Ping said to Ah Li!

When Ah Li heard that, he looked at Chen Ping in a daze “You’re going to pick medicine? Are you a medicine master?”

The others also looked at Chen Ping with shocked faces, waiting for Chen Ping’s answer!

“I’ve only learnt some medicine refining skills, I’m not really a medicine master, but I can still heal such traumatic injuries without a problem.”

Chen Ping said very easily!

When Ah Li heard this, he immediately acted very excited and went forward to grab Chen Ping’s hand and said “You …… are telling the truth, you’re not lying to me?”

Chen Ping looked at Ah Li’s excited look and was puzzled, “I’m not lying to you, I’m just treating your trauma, what’s there to lie about.”

“Great ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

And the others also gleefully surrounded Chen Ping, each with admiration in their eyes!

Even Pillar came forward and looked at Chen Ping incredulously, “Brother Chen Ping, you’re actually a medicine master? I didn’t expect you to be so strong, but you’re also a pharmacist?”

Looking at the crowd’s expressions, Chen Ping was a bit confused, he didn’t understand, even if he was a pill master, these people wouldn’t be so happy, right?

Wasn’t he just able to heal their external injuries? Why were they all so happy as if they had saved their lives?

“Brother Chen Ping, I really didn’t expect you to be a medicine master, you don’t know that medicine masters are a very respected and envied profession in our area.”

“If you can become a pill master, then you can eat and drink for the rest of your life, and our Bashi village has gone through thousands of years and there has never been a pill master!”

“This is great, people from our Boulder Village will no longer have to go to the town to see a doctor, they will no longer have to be slaughtered, and there is hope for my grandmother’s eyes!”

“Brother Chen Ping, can you heal my granny’s eyes?”

Yun’er asked excitedly to Chen Ping!

But Chen Ping shook his head, Chen Ping had actually observed the granny’s eyes long ago, because they had been blind for years, and it looked like they were still caused by poison, so there was nothing Chen Ping could do to heal them!

But there was no absolute, perhaps if he found an immortal herb that specialized in healing the eyes, the old woman’s eyes could be restored!

“Yun’er, with my current ability, I can’t cure your granny’s eyes yet!”

Chen Ping said with a slight sense of guilt!

When Yun’er heard this, she felt very lost and lowered her head slightly!

“Yun’er, although Brother Chen Ping can’t heal your granny’s eyes, you don’t need to be discouraged, when we sell the demon wolf corpse, we can ask Divine Doctor Zhang to come and heal your granny.”

Ah Li stepped forward and spoke to Yun’er to console her!