A Man Like None Other Chapter 2520

“We were caught by the people of the Big Green Village, but these people from the Big Green Village wanted to hunt high-level demonic beasts, so they used us as bait and drove us deep into this mountain range!”

“As a result, we ran into a demon wolf attack, Ali led us out of control, and in order to get rid of the people from Big Green Village, we could only run all the way towards the depths of the mountain range.”

“The people of Big Green Village were chasing after us, on this journey we had to avoid the people of Big Green Village and also follow the demon wolves in battle, now Ah Li and the others must be in great danger, ahead of them is the territory of the demon wolf pack, if we encounter a pack of wolves, then no one will survive!”

“You guys go, go and save Ah Li and the others, don’t mind me, I know I won’t survive!”

Bolt urged Chen Ping and the others to hurry up and save Ah Li and the others!

Chen Ping took a look at Bolt, knowing that there was no way for him to survive in this environment, but he still said comfortingly, “Hold on here, we’ll take you back to the village for medical treatment once we get A Li and the others out ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get up and take the pillar forward to catch up, but the bolt is pulled back!

“I know my own situation, I don’t want to wait quietly to die like this, give me a break?”

Bolt looked at Chen Ping with a supplicating gaze!

Rather than bleed dry like this and die from the pain of living, let’s have a painful one!

Chen Ping looked at Bolt’s pleading gaze and felt very intolerant in his heart, but there was nothing else he could do now but to make Bolt suffer less!

Finally, Chen Ping slowly put his hand on the top of Bolt’s head, and then a spiritual force pa*sed through the top of Bolt’s head!

With a small smile on his lips, Bolt slowly closed his eyes!

“Brother Bolt ……”

Pillar cried out in pain!

And Chen Ping’s eyes were also wet, although he and Bolt didn’t know each other and didn’t really have any feelings!

But Chen Ping had seen himself as a member of Bashi Village these days, and the villagers of Bashi Village were his own family!

“Bolts, don’t cry, let’s go ……”

Chen Ping knew that this was not the time to grieve, and led the pillar quickly towards the depths of the mountain range!

At the same time, a dozen men with full breath and well armed, looked at the jungle before them not daring to set foot in it!

These men were all from Da Qing Village, and the lowest strength of these men was a Yuan Ying cultivator, and there were also many transformed cultivators among them, looking at the strength was indeed much stronger than the men from Da Shi Village!

“Big brother, ahead is the territory of the demon wolf pack, should we still chase after them?”

A man walked up to the strong man at the head of the group and asked in a small voice.

“What the heck, once we enter the demon wolf pack’s territory, just the rest of us won’t be enough to stuff the demon wolves.”

“These guys from Bashi Village ran in, I guess they don’t even have a whole body now, let’s go back!”

The man at the head of the pack said, turned around and led the men to prepare to return!

But just as he turned around, he ran into Chen Ping and Pillar who had hurriedly arrived!

When Pillar saw these men, he shivered in fear and said with a pale face, “Brother Chen Ping, he …… is the man from Da Qing Village, these are the men who captured Brother Ah Li and the others!”

When Chen Ping heard this, a strong killing intent instantly gushed out from his body, and his eyes slightly stared and said “You are the people of Big Green Village?”

The man at the head of the group took a look at Chen Ping and found that he didn’t know him at all, but he did know the pillar next to him, so he nodded and said, “Yes, we are from Da Qing Village, are you from Bashi Village? Just the two of you dare to come?”

At this moment, those people from Da Qing Village looked at Chen Ping and Pillar as prey, each with a cold glint in their eyes!

After all, he was afraid of being bullied by the people of Da Qing Village, so his body shook reflexively!