A Man Like None Other Chapter 2513

After the old woman left, Chen Ping felt that the old woman was not a bad person, a demon who cared about the death of the people in this small mountain village!

Chen Ping sat quietly and slowly recalled all the things he had done when he was sucked into the black hole.

“I wonder where Yu Qi and the Fire Phoenix girls were transported to in the Celestial Human Realm ……”

Chen Ping was a little worried.

“Master, Master ……” At this moment, the voice of the sword spirit Zhong Li came from Chen Ping’s mind!

“Zhong Li, how are you doing?”

Chen Ping hurriedly asked!

At that time, the sword spirit Zhong Li had also suffered considerable damage!

“Master, I’m afraid that it will be difficult for me to break away from your body to protect you in a short time.”

Zhong Li said.

“Recuperate yourself, once I have recovered some strength, I will go and find Master Iron Hammer, and then ask Elder Sword to help you repair it at the Sword Washing Pool!”

Chen Ping said to Zhong Li in a persuasive manner!

“Master, your breath is very weak now, you should also take care of your body.”

Zhong Li said worriedly!

At that moment, Yun’er came in with a bowl of hot noodles, and Chen Ping stopped following Zhong Li’s conversation, which if Yun’er found out, she would definitely take Chen Ping for a psycho!

“Brother Chen Ping, you have been in a coma for several days, eat something to nourish your body, I have put demon beast meat in it, it can enhance your physical strength.”

“If Granny finds out, she will definitely scold me, these demon beast meat is to be taken to the town to exchange for spirit coins.”

Yun’er said with a faint smile at Chen Ping!

Chen Ping looked at Yun’er who had an innocent face, his eyes were full of gratitude, if it wasn’t for Yun’er, he would have died in the middle of nowhere in the Celestial Realm this time!

Chen Ping took the wrist noodles, looked at the pieces of demon beast meat inside and said to Yun’er “Yun’er, when I recover, I will send you endless demon beast meat and send you a mountain of beast pills ……”

“Brother Chen Ping, I don’t need you to send me anything, just get well, I’m going to follow Brother Ah Li to go hunting, or we’ll all be starving!”

Yun’er said, and turned to leave!

After Yun’er left, Chen Ping stayed inside his room and slowly recovered!

After examining his body, Chen Ping frowned slightly, his tendons and veins were broken, his divine sense was badly injured, his dantian was empty, and even the dragon crystal had lost its lustre!

“I can’t believe he survived in this condition ……”

Chen Ping himself was amazed, he had almost burned up even his essence blood, but he didn’t think he could still survive!

It was all down to this flesh body of Chen Ping’s, although Chen Ping’s strength was now gone, Chen Ping’s flesh body was not affected!

Now even if someone from the Out-of-Body realm came, there was nothing he could do, after all, this realm could not hurt Chen Ping’s flesh!

It was a miracle of miracles that Chen Ping was able to save his life at the hands of Hao Tian.

“Fortunately, this Celestial Realm is full of spiritual energy, so it should not be a problem to recover slowly!”

Chen Ping consoled himself, he was really afraid that after this time, his strength would never reach his former level again!

At this moment, Chen Ping was still thinking that after he recovered his strength, he would find Su Yuqi and Fire Phoenix, then open the pa*sage and return to the secular world!

He didn’t know that the secular world had already activated the protection mechanism, and the pa*sage from the Celestial Realm to the secular world could not be opened within a year!

Chen Ping sat quietly on his bed, fortunately there were no experts around this small mountain village, so with this physical body, Chen Ping would not be unable to protect himself!

But if he left here, Chen Ping would not know what kind of people he would run into.

For three days in a row, Chen Ping slowly ran the Heart Condensation Technique and toned his body. At this moment, Chen Ping already had some spiritual energy in his dantian, which made Chen Ping happy!

And during these three days, Yun’er would follow Ah Li and the others out hunting every day, and every time she came back, she would check on Chen Ping, and when she was cooking, she would put demon beast meat in the rice bowl for Chen Ping, while Yun’er and the old lady just ate some vegetables!
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