A Man Like None Other Chapter 2505

Seeing this, Chen Ping forced out a few drops of essence blood from his brow, and the flaming mark became even hotter!

“Ah …………”

Chen Ping exploded with his entire body’s strength and smashed down hard with his bell hammer once again!

Buzz …………

With a buzzing sound, a terrifying aura, as if it were ripples, flew out in all directions!

The whole earth began to tremble, followed by waves undulating, forming a wave-like shape on the surface of the water!

After this hammer, Ask Hao Tian finally stopped moving within the Dragon Tattooed Bell!

When Chen Ping saw this, he let out a long sigh of relief, but just as Chen Ping was about to relax, the Dragon Tattooed Bell suddenly rose up from the ground and soared into the sky!

The next thing he knew, Hao Tian came out of the Dragon Pattern Bell and looked down at Chen Ping with a cold expression, “I told you, this Dragon Pattern Bell is a good thing, but it’s a pity that you can’t use its full strength.”

After asking Haotian finished speaking, he instantly slapped the Dragon Tattoo Clock downwards with his palm!

The Dragon Pattern Bell smashed towards Chen Ping like a meteor, Chen Ping saw this and hurriedly dodged it with a lazy donkey roll!

The Dragon Pattern Bell hit the ground hard, causing a burst of sound waves!

Many people were so shocked by the sound waves that they spat blood out of their mouths and died!

Chen Ping was in such a mess by now that if he hadn’t been burning his blood, he probably wouldn’t have had the strength to stand up!

“Ah ………………”

Chen Ping put away the Dragon Tattooed Bell and had the God King Bow in his hand!

Bursting out with all his Dao pattern power, Chen Ping fiercely pulled the bowstring!

Above the bowstring, countless arrow feathers instantly appeared in dense ma*ses!

But at this moment, Wen Haotian did not look at Chen Ping, but at the huge human face in the sky!

Because at that moment, that huge human face began to become distorted and faded, as if it was about to disappear at any moment!

“Stop it for me ……”

Asked Hao Tian, who roared in anger and rushed towards Shi!

Because if this huge human face disappeared, then his years of planning would have failed, and he would have disappeared with it!

So he must not let Shi’s hand, he must stop Shi!

“Ten thousand arrows through the heart …………”

Just as Ask Haotian rushed towards Shi, the bowstring in Chen Ping’s hand instantly loosened!

Countless arrow feathers poured out towards Ask Haotian!

Ask Haotian didn’t care at all, but directly caught these arrow feathers with his body!

Although these arrows did not hurt him, they slowed him down!

After Chen Ping shot these arrow feathers, his body could no longer support itself, and he instantly fell to one knee on the ground!

Asking Haotian to desperately pa*s through those arrow feathers, seeing the huge human face getting fainter and fainter, Asking Haotian was already desperate!

As he pa*sed through the arrow feathers and slapped his palm at Mr. Shi, a figure once again stood in front of him!

Asking Hao Tian was stunned to see that Chen Ping was already like this, and he still dared to block himself.

“Kid, go to hell ……”

With this palm, Qhaotian viciously slapped down towards Chen Ping!

Boom …………

A terrifying aura enveloped Chen Ping, and immediately afterwards, Chen Ping’s body was like a meteor, falling down at speed!

But just as Ask Haotian slapped his palm on Chen Ping’s body, the Dragon Chopping Sword radiated a sword intent!

This sword intent was incomparably pure and protected Chen Ping’s heart veins!

Chen Ping’s body crashed heavily to the ground and everyone thought Chen Ping was finished!

No one could have survived that slap from Ask Haotian!

Even Wen Haotian thought that Chen Ping would have died by now with his veins broken!

“Chen Ping ……”

Su Yuqi and the girls cried out!

Even Mr. Shi couldn’t help but look down at Chen Ping!

Just when everyone thought Chen Ping would die, Chen Ping slowly rose from the ground, although his breath was weak to the extreme, he was still alive!