A Man Like None Other Chapter 2491

Chen Ping reached out and pushed open the bronze door, finding that it was light and had no formations on it, so it was easily pushed open!

As the bronze door creaked open, a particularly large prison cell appeared!

Only to see that on both sides of the corridor, there were modest cells, all holding people, and the cells were constantly surrounded by the glow of formations!

The people inside the cells were all chained with thick iron chains, and they all looked very emaciated, all cloaked in hair, and they looked like they had been held for a long time!

Hearing the sound of the bronze door being pushed open, a few of the prisoners looked up, but the eyes of these prisoners all had a ruthless look in them, so it was obvious that they were not ordinary people!

Besides, this was the Demon Heart Sect’s dungeon, so it couldn’t be holding ordinary people!

Chen Ping wondered what kind of trouble these people had with the Demon Heart Sect to be imprisoned here.

Originally, Chen Ping wanted to release these people, after all, the enemy of an enemy is a friend, but looking at the ruthless eyes of these people, Chen Ping hesitated, he was afraid that releasing these people would cause trouble for him!

Chen Ping quickly walked through the cells on the ground floor and headed for the first floor, as for these people, let them be locked up here!

Chen Ping was not a saviour, nor could he save everyone, he just needed to get Yu Qian and his family out as soon as possible!

After pa*sing through the dungeon on the first level, Chen Ping and the others arrived at the second level, but the second level was not the same as the first, the second level was a huge cell that held only four people, and in the four corners of the cell, these four people were also bound with thick chains!

These people were all cloaked, and it was impossible to see their faces, but the thick chains went through their bodies and these people still managed to stay alive, so it looked like the strength of these people was definitely not weak!

Chen Ping only looked at them casually for a couple of moments, then quickly walked towards the third level, but Chen Ping was just about to walk to the entrance of the third level when a hoarse voice came out!

“How could a sword spirit from the Sword Washing Pool arrive here? Could it be to save old me?”

At this moment, a cloaked old man on the corner spoke up!

Chen Ping looked at the voice, only to see that this old man was withered and thin, his face was charred and yellow, and he looked like he was on his deathbed!

“Who are you? How do you know about the Sword Washing Pool?”

Chen Ping asked as he looked at the old man!

“I am the chief elder of the Weapon Refining Sect, how could I not know about the Sword Washing Pond ……”

As the old man’s words fell, the three men in the other corners also raised their heads up!

Chen Ping was surprised to find that these four people looked almost identical!

And this man’s identity, the Chief Elder of the Weapon Refining Sect?

Since he was an elder of the Alchemy Sect in the Celestial Realm, how could he be locked up here?

Master Iron Hammer had said that their Alchemy Sect was destroyed by the Fire Burning Sect, so what was the deal with these Alchemy Sect Elders?

Could it be that the Demon Heart Sect had a relationship with the Fire Burning Sect?

At this moment, Chen Ping was personally confused!

“You’re the Chief Elder of the Celestial Human Realm’s Weapon Refining Sect? Then how did you appear here?”

Chen Ping asked to the old man!

The old man looked at Chen Ping and did not answer Chen Ping’s words, but instead asked Chen Ping rhetorically, “This sword spirit has gone through the baptism of the Sword Washing Pond, who are you? How did you get to the Sword Washing Pond?”

Chen Ping stared at the old man for a moment, then said “Master Iron Hammer took us there, and the Sword Master himself gave shape to the sword spirit Zhong Li in the Zeng Long Sword.”

“The Dragon Cutting Sword?” The old man’s eyes widened and he stared at the sword spirit Zhong Li with a deadly gaze!

“Are you saying that she is the sword spirit in the Zenglong Sword? That Zhan Long Sword is a precious sword of my Weapon Refining Sect, but the sword spirit was later damaged and lost somewhere.”

The old man’s expression became very excited!

Seeing the old man’s appearance, Chen Ping knew that the old man would not lie to him, then he glanced at the sword spirit, Zhong Li, who instantly flashed and changed into the Zhan Long Sword, which was held in Chen Ping’s hand!