A Man Like None Other Chapter 2489

Inside the Devil’s Heart Sect, Chen Ping regained his composure as several golden rays flashed through his mind, causing his divine sense to return to normal!

The scene in front of his eyes was also restored, and as the Demon Envoy watched Chen Ping calm down, his hanging heart finally relaxed!

“Chen Ping …… Chen Ping ……”

The devil amba*sador tried to call out to Chen Ping twice.

“Let’s go ……”

Chen Ping stepped forward, and this second formation was broken so easily!

The devil amba*sador looked at Chen Ping’s back and couldn’t help but be staggered, luckily he didn’t fight Chen Ping hard, otherwise he would have died a horrible death himself by now!

The devil amba*sador hurriedly took a few steps and walked in front of Chen Ping, leading the way for him!

Soon, the entrance to the dungeon was in sight, and at that moment, in front of the entrance to the dungeon, a curtain of light flickered, blocking the way into the dungeon!

“This is the third formation, after this formation you can enter the dungeon, only I am not qualified to enter the dungeon, there is another person guarding the dungeon.”

The devil amba*sador said to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping just nodded, then walked up to that light curtain and gently touched one hand on top of it!

Chen Ping closed his eyes slightly, and his divine sense in his mind instantly spread throughout the entire formation, and soon found where the formation’s eye was!

After only a few minutes, the light curtain in front of him disappeared and the third formation was broken by Chen Ping!

The Devil Envoy was already too shocked to speak, watching Chen Ping walk towards the dungeon!

The Devil Envoy was about to raise his voice to warn him, but he saw the dungeon door slowly open and a bull-headed, humanoid monster walked out from inside!

Seeing this scene, the Demon Envoy instantly froze in fear, he never knew that there was a monster in this dungeon!

He had never entered a dungeon before!

And Chen Ping was astonished after seeing the bull-headed, humanoid monster!

“What kind of person dares to trespa*s into the Demon Heart Sect dungeon, are you tired of living?”

The bull-headed monster spat out human words and questioned Chen Ping in a stern voice!

Chen Ping frowned slightly, and as several channels of divine sense punched into the bull-headed monster’s object, feeling the bull-headed monster’s aura, Chen Ping was personally a little confused!

Because the aura emanating from this bull-headed monster was simply different from the other disciples of the Demon Heart Sect, and even different from the aura of others within the secular world!

This aura was more like that from the Celestial Realm, which Chen Ping had felt on that armour piercing beast!

Only this bull-headed monster’s aura was even thicker than that armour-wearing beast’s!

Although that armour piercing beast could speak human words, it still looked like a spirit beast, while this bull-headed monster had already transformed into a human body, and it didn’t look like it would be long before it could completely transform into a human form!

In that case, it was only logical that this bull-headed monster’s aura was heavier than that of the armour-piercing beast!

“You’re not a demonic beast from the mundane realm, you’re from the Celestial Human Realm, right?”

Chen Ping asked to the bull-headed monster!

After all, there were no demonic beasts in the secular realm that could take on a human form, not even those that could speak with a human mouth, to be able to generate spiritual intelligence and understand human speech would be good enough!

But Fire Phoenix was different, Fire Phoenix was not a spirit beast in the secular realm, she was a fire phoenix spirit beast in the celestial realm, and was later thrown into the secular realm!

When Chen Ping asked about the celestial realm, the minotaur also clearly froze slightly, then roared “What are you talking about, I don’t understand at all, trespa*sing into the Devil Heart Sect dungeon, must die ……”

The bull-headed monster let out a roar, and suddenly a huge axe head slashed towards Chen Ping fiercely!

Chen Ping didn’t dodge or evade, he only saw a golden light flashing from his body, his sword spirit Zhong Li instantly flashed, directly blocking that heavy axe, then he slapped his palm out, instantly sending that bull-headed monster flying out!