A Man Like None Other Chapter 2480

By the time Chen Ping returned to Dragon Gate, it was already dark!

Long Ruotong was waiting for Chen Ping at the door!

“Mom, why are you standing at the door ……”

After Chen Ping saw Long Ruitong, he hurriedly went up and helped Long Ruitong back to her room!

“I’m afraid that you kid won’t come back, if you don’t come back tonight, I’ll disown you!”

Long Ruotong said to Chen Ping!

“Mom, how could that be, if I promised you, I’ll do it.”

Chen Ping said with a*surance!

“Good then, Ruxue and the girls are in the next room, I’ve got them showered, they’re just waiting for you!”

“I’m telling you, don’t try to fool me, I’ll be over here listening!”

Long Ruotong said!

When Chen Ping heard that, he sighed helplessly and said, “Mom, I’ve been busy all day today and I haven’t even eaten.

Just as Chen Ping finished speaking, he saw Ji Ru Xue walking over with a sumptuous dinner.

Ji Ru Xue was dressed in a very sexy outfit, her snow white skin was exposed, and there were still crystal drops of water hanging on her skin, it was obvious that she had just finished taking a shower!

“I knew that’s what you would say, I had someone prepare a meal for you a long time ago.”

Long Ruotong said!

Ji Ruoxue put the food away and gave Chen Ping a faint glance and said “Hurry up and eat, the sisters are waiting for you ……”

After saying that, Ji Ruxue left with a flushed face!

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual situation.

Now that his mother had been rescued, the fire in Chen Ping’s heart could no longer be suppressed, and since Chen Ping had also tasted sweetness in Fire Phoenix’s body, it was even harder for Chen Ping to suppress it!

Long Ruotong looked at Chen Ping’s eyes as he looked at Ji Ruxue and smiled heartily, she was an experienced person, of course she knew what Chen Ping’s eyes represented!

“You should eat quickly, don’t let those girls get anxious ……”

Long Ruotong said to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping nodded and started wolfing down his food!

Once he had eaten his fill, Long Ruotong pushed Chen Ping into the next room!

The room next door had obviously been redecorated and was very cosy, with several girls all dressed in sexy clothes waiting for Chen Ping inside the room!

When they saw Chen Ping coming, the girls all looked a little shy and didn’t say a word, even Xiao Lan, who had been boldly seducing Chen Ping, had her head down and didn’t say a word at the moment!

She used to tease Chen Ping because she knew he wouldn’t really touch her, she was just teasing him!

But tonight was different, none of them could escape Chen Ping’s grasp, so Xiao Lan was also a bit scared, after all, she was also a young, untouched girl!

Chen Ping looked at the shy girls and said, “I know you are all forced by my mother, we haven’t established a relationship, and you don’t have a name, so I won’t force you.”

“You also know that following me will be dangerous and you will be separated from each other a lot, so if you don’t want to be with me tonight, I don’t blame you, you can leave now!”

When Chen Ping finished speaking, the few girls all looked up at Chen Ping, their eyes full of love!

“Chen Ping, we all volunteered, we like you, we don’t care about the name, as long as we can be with you, tonight, let us be your women ……”

Ji Ru Xue said boldly!

“Yes, we are all willing ……” The other girls also had a determined look on their faces!

Chen Ping looked at several of them and could no longer contain the bathing fire in his heart and pounced on them all at once!

In an instant, the room was filled with spring and screams!

By the time dawn came, the girls had been tormented by Chen Ping and were too exhausted to get up …………