A Man Like None Other Chapter 2476

The Celestial Human Realm!

Chen Ping was struggling to run the Heart Condensation Technique, absorbing the energy of the Golden Phosphorus Stone to cultivate!

Time pa*sed like a flash, day and night alternated!

Half a month had pa*sed in the blink of an eye, and Chen Ping had finished absorbing the last trace of energy within the Golden Phosphorus Stone!

The Golden Phosphorus Stone, which had been dazzlingly golden, had now turned grey and dull, becoming an ordinary stone!

Seeing Chen Ping wake up from his cultivation, Hu Puzi hurriedly asked, “Chen Ping, what is your cultivation level now? I feel that the aura in your body has changed several times.”

Chen Ping exhaled a breath of turbid air, feeling the instant surge of power in his body, and a flash of light flashed in his eyes!

“I have now reached the sixth grade of the Realm of Transformation, if I could have one more Golden Phosphorus Stone, I might be able to reach the peak of the Realm of Transformation, or even break through it ……”

Chen Ping said with emotion!

When Hu Ma Zi heard this, he immediately bristled and said, “This body of yours is really too perverted, the energy within this golden phosphorus stone is like a vast ocean, and when this kind of thing comes into your hands, it is surprising that it only allows you to raise a few small realms.”

“This is not known, if you cultivate until you cross the tribulation and ascend to become a true immortal, how huge the resources needed are, I’m afraid if the resources of the entire Celestial Realm were given to you, it might not even allow you to cross the tribulation successfully.”

According to Chen Ping’s ascension, he would need more and more resources in the future, and perhaps the Celestial Realm would not be able to accommodate Chen Ping’s great Buddha!

“I don’t know why the resources I need for my realm advancement are different from others, it might be related to the technique I cultivate, now that I have reached the sixth grade of the Realm of Transformation, I don’t know if I can put away the Dragon Tattoo Bell at will!”

Chen Ping was curious to know what level of control he had reached over the Dragon Tattooed Bell!

If he could freely release it and control it at will, then the Dragon Tattooed Bell would be Chen Ping’s killer weapon and his means of saving his life!

But just as Chen Ping was about to take out the Dragon Tattoo Bell to try it out, Hu Ma Zi hurriedly stopped him.

“You mustn’t try it here again, if you try it and your breath spreads out in all directions, it is likely to attract people from other clans and families in the Celestial Realm, and then how will we still be able to leave!”

“Wait until you return to the secular world you are trying, anyway you are not subject to the suppression of the laws of heaven and earth ……”

Hu Ma Zi followed Chen Ping and said!

When Chen Ping heard that it made sense, he put away the idea of trying the Dragon Tattoo Clock!

Then he took out the God King Bow from his storage ring, Chen Ping put his right hand on the bowstring, and with a violent force, he instantly drew the bowstring full!

Countless forces from the heavens and the earth began to gather towards Chen Ping’s bowstring!

An arrow feather appeared, shining with a golden light!

As Chen Ping struggled to pull the bowstring and kept gritting his teeth, the golden arrow feather slowly turned transparent white!

Whoosh …………

Chen Ping let go of his hand, and the arrow feather cut through the sky like a meteor, followed by penetrating the void, directly shooting a huge black hole into the void!

Turbulence was rampant in the black hole, with a constant whirlpool of air currents swirling about!

“It’s done, let’s go ……”

Chen Ping saw that the pa*sage to the secular world was opened by himself, so he happily shouted on Hu Ma Zi just leaped up!

The sword spirit Zhong Li transformed into a dragon chopping sword and directly entered Chen Ping’s body!

After all, crossing this kind of pa*sage was going to take a lot of physical strength, and one needed to resist the turbulence within the black hole pa*sage in order to do so!

Chen Ping and Hu Ma Zi’s figures disappeared, and the black hole pa*sage slowly closed up and disappeared without a trace!

But not long after Chen Ping and the others had left, an old man with white hair arrived at the place where Chen Ping and the others had just stood with two Daoist children, a man and a woman, wearing Daoist robes!

“Master, what are you bringing us here for, aren’t we going to the Five Extremes Guild?”

The female Daoist child Master asked in confusion.

The white-haired old man looked around and said with a slight frown, “Strange, really strange, there seemed to be the aura of the Divine King’s Bow just now, could it be that I felt it wrong?”

Having said that, the white-haired old man waved his whisk and the three figures instantly disappeared!