A Man Like None Other Chapter 2366

“And what if I don’t go?” Chen Ping asked.

“If you don’t leave, then you will only die ……”

After the rotting corpse finished speaking, instantly a line of Yin Qi began to coalesce at his fingertips, instantly transforming into a head of Liege, a Liege with teeth and claws rushing towards Chen Ping and the others!


They didn’t expect the rotting corpse to strike at the drop of a hat!

But just as everyone swung their weapons and attacked the evil spirits in front of them, they found that there was no way to harm them, and they didn’t harm anyone, they just penetrated everyone’s body with great speed!

In an instant, everyone became dumbfounded, the weapons in their hands were thrown to the ground, their eyes were dull, as if they had turned into corpses!

And Chen Ping frowned, he could also feel that after penetrating his body, the Liege began to control Chen Ping’s brain!

Thinking that this was an illusion, Chen Ping began to chant the Clear Mind Mantra, but found that the Clear Mind Mantra could not stop it at all, as the Liege attacked desperately in Chen Ping’s divine sense.

“What a powerful tactic.” Chen Ping frowned slightly.

He did not expect this rotting corpse to directly attack a person’s divine sense, as long as the person’s divine sense was controlled, it would be the same as directly killing that person, as the person who was controlled would follow all instructions, even if it was suicide ……

A Martial God or even a Martial Emperor level expert was even controlled in his divine sense without any resistance, which shows how powerful this rotting corpse is!

Otherwise, I’m afraid there would be no way to suppress a great demon like the Yin Devil!

Chen Ping’s divine sense desperately resisted in his mind, his face pale beyond belief and his forehead even sweating coldly!

Chen Ping’s body became stiff and stood motionless, with only his brain racing!

“This person’s divine mind is so powerful that he was able to resist until now?”

The rotting corpse could not help but feel a little surprised to see that Chen Ping had not been controlled yet!

But very soon, Chen Ping’s eyes began to become dull, his entire body was dull, and his aura had also changed, shaped like a walking corpse!

Seeing this, the rotting corpse grinned “No one can escape my attack ……”

“Since you have killed my skeleton soldiers, you will act as my soldiers and guard the gate ……”

After the carrion finished speaking, his body slowly disappeared!

While Yue Buqun and the others, obediently stood to the sides, even Chen Ping was no exception, walking quietly to stand aside!

But at this moment, Chen Ping was not under control, his divine sense was still desperately resisting!

Just as Chen Ping’s divine consciousness was fighting in his own sea of consciousness after the evil spirit, a holy light suddenly shone through!

Chen Ping instantly felt his body warm, while the evil spirit let out a miserable scream!

Chen Ping raised his eyes and found that the light was emanating from the Wordless Heavenly Book!

The Wordless Heavenly Book was in Chen Ping’s sea of consciousness, and at this moment, it was emitting light, causing that evil spirit to scream in agony!

Seeing this, Chen Ping instantly let his divine sense decapitate the evil spirit.

Chen Ping, who had returned to normal, felt the glow of the Wordless Heavenly Book and was somewhat incredulous inside, he did not expect that the Wordless Heavenly Book given by Mr. Shi would have such a use!

“Patriarch Yue? Master of Divine Calculation?”

Chen Ping looked at the dumbfounded Yue Buqun and the Divine Calculus and went forward to call out twice, but the two did not respond at all!

“Liu Rui, Liu Xing?”

Chen Ping looked at Liu Rui and Liu Xing, these two men were also standing dumbfounded, their eyes unblinking, just like statues!

These people were simply unresponsive, no matter how much Chen Ping shouted!

“Looks like the only way to bring them back is to kill that guy ……”

Chen Ping said with a slight frown.

Now even if Chen Ping did not want to kill that rotting corpse, he could not stand by and watch Yue Buqun and the others turn into a puppet!