A Man Like None Other Chapter 2285

As soon as the crowd saw Jin Yuan coming, they all walked away, looking like they still had a few scruples towards this Jin Yuan!

Jin Yuan swept a glance at Chen Ping and the others, then walked away with a face full of anger, in his opinion, this news that had gotten out must be the work of the Ge family or the Tian Luo House!

“This Jin Yuan, he always looks like a bully, he hasn’t even been on the Windy Cloud Ranking, what’s so bullish about it!”

Hou Zhen looked at Jin Yuan like that and couldn’t help but snort coldly!

“No matter him, let’s go around again ……”

Chen Ping finished speaking and continued walking towards the depths of the castle.

Soon, Chen Ping felt a bell ringing in his ears, a bell that seemed to ring out and shock the soul!

“Monkey, did you hear the sound of the bell?” Chen Ping asked to Hou Zhen.

Hou Zhen shook his head, “No, where is the sound of bells?”

Hou Zhen then turned to Ge Yuhan and asked, “Miss Ge, did you hear it?”

“I didn’t hear it either, where is the sound of bells here?”

“Mr. Chen is not hearing things, is he?”

Ge Yuhan said!

“Maybe so!” Chen Ping shook his head, but the sound of the bell was still there.

Chen Ping followed the sound and slowly walked to a bronze door, which was carved with many strange patterns.

But just as Chen Ping wanted to push open the bronze door, he was hastily stopped by Hou Zhen!

“Mr. Chen, you can’t go in here, this is the bell tower, it will only be opened when the Secret Congress officially starts and the bell is rung!”

Hou Zhen said as he stopped Chen Ping.

“There’s a bell in here?” Chen Ping asked.

“Yes, there is a dragon bell on the bell tower, and I don’t know how many years it has existed, and every time the conference starts, the bell will be rung by the previous Wind and Cloud Ranking Number One.”

“But over the years, the position of number one on the list has been occupied by that Yao Shenghui, so he’s the one who rings the bell every time.”

Hou Zhen said!

When Chen Ping heard that there was even this rule, he retreated and did not push open the bronze door!

But just then, someone suddenly called out to Chen Ping from behind!

“Chen Ping …… Chen Ping ……”

A surprised female voice came out!

Chen Ping was stunned, he didn’t understand, he didn’t seem to know anyone else in the eight secret realms, apart from these people from the Ge family, so how could there be someone else here who could call out his name?

Chen Ping turned his head, and when he saw the person calling out to him, he instantly froze!

“Han …… Han ……”

For a moment, Chen Ping had forgotten what the name of the girl in front of him was!

“My name is Han Qing’er ……”

The girl ran up to Chen Ping and wasn’t angry that Chen Ping couldn’t call her name, instead her face wore unbridled excitement!

Chen Ping said with slight embarra*sment, “Miss Han, sorry ……”

“It’s alright.” Han Qing’er shook her head and then asked in a very strange manner, “How did you come here? Could it be that you are also from the Eight Great Mysterious Realms? I remember that you’re from the secular realm?”

“I ……” Chen Ping did not know how to explain after Han Qing’er.

“Mr. Chen, who is this young lady?”

At this moment, Ge Yuhan stood out and asked.

“Oh, this is ……”

Chen Ping was about to introduce herself when Han Qing’er spoke up on her own, “I am Han Qing’er of the Thunder Sect Mystic Realm.”

“Hello, I am Ge Yuhan from the Fire Sect Mystic Realm, Mr. Chen is here to participate in the Mystic Realm Conference on behalf of our Ge family.”

Ge Yuhan followed Han Qing’er and explained!

“I was really not expecting to see Chen Ping here, after our last goodbye, I’m afraid we have ……”

“Qing’er, the conference is about to start, why did you come here!”

Before Han Qing’er could finish, Lv Factory hurriedly ran over!

When Lv Factory saw Chen Ping, his whole body just froze, in his opinion, Chen Ping chased the Flaming Tiger into the depths of the Demonic Beast Mountain Range, that must be certain death, but he didn’t expect that he was still alive!

“Chen Ping, you are actually still alive?” Lv Factory asked with a face full of surprise.