A Man Like None Other Chapter 2284

In the end, the huge Flaming Tiger had turned out to be the size of a dog cub, looking very cute!

Seeing the Blazing Tiger that suddenly became smaller, Chen Ping and Ge Cansheng both froze!

“Wow, this Flaming Tiger has become smaller, it’s too cute too ……”

Seeing this, Ge Yuhan hurriedly squatted down and picked up the blazing tiger, gently stroking it with her hand!

But the blazing tiger broke away from Ge Yuhan’s embrace and jumped directly into Chen Ping’s arms!

Seeing this, Chen Ping put the Flaming Tiger into his storage ring, so that no one would know about its existence!

Arriving at the teleportation array, the group teleported out with this!

A white light flashed and a huge change took place in front of Chen Ping’s eyes!

What had been an endless desert had now turned into a green gra*sland with fresh air and a very beautiful environment, except that such a beautiful environment was indeed very short of spiritual energy!

This is also the reason why no one from the major secret realms has come to occupy this place, only that without spiritual energy in a beautiful environment, there is no way for people in the secret realm to cultivate, and if they cannot cultivate, even if the environment is good, they will not come!

Not far from the teleportation array, a castle made of stone appeared, the castle covered a large area and loomed large!

“Mr. Chen, that’s where the Secret Realm Conference is held.”

“But it’s been so many years since I’ve been here, I wonder if the inside has fallen into disrepair!”

Ge Cansheng pointed to the castle and followed Chen Ping!

“This is too extravagant, isn’t it?”

Chen Ping looked at the castle and sighed that these eight mysterious realms were really big spenders, just to hold a mysterious realm convention and have a ring bout, which wouldn’t take more than a few days a year, to spend so much money and build such a big castle!

“Mr. Chen misunderstood, this castle was not built by us, but it was already there when we discovered this secret realm, but there was no one in the secret realm long ago, and the spiritual energy was also very thin, so it was set up as a place for the secret realm conference to be held.”

Ge Cansheng hurriedly explained!

Otherwise, Chen Ping would have really thought that the Eight Great Secret Realms were extremely extravagant, building such a luxurious castle just to hold the Secret Realm Congress!

Only when Chen Ping arrived in front of the castle did he realise that the majesty of the castle far surpa*sed what he had seen and heard!

In front of the castle was an incomparably wide square, and on top of the square were eight rings, and at that moment there were already quite a few people in the square, obviously the people from the other Secret Realms had already arrived long ago!

In the middle of the square, there was a high platform with many stone benches, which was supposed to be a resting place for the sect heads and pavilion masters of the major secret realms.

Seeing that Ge Cansheng had arrived, many people came over to greet him, and some of them were very enthusiastic in following him and talking to him!

Seeing that Ge Cansheng was busy greeting people, Chen Ping asked Ge Yuhan and Hou Zhen to show him around and familiarise himself with the environment first!

While Chen Ping and the others were casually walking around, they heard many people talking about the beast tide in the Demon Beast Secret Realm a few days ago!

“I heard that the tide of beasts was terrifying, if it wasn’t for the Fire Sect Secret Realm and the Thunder Sect Secret Realm sending people there, I’m afraid that all those people who went in would have become a meal in the belly of the demon beasts!”

“I heard that there was a kid who wasn’t strong but went after that Flaming Tiger and didn’t even come out in the end, so I guess he was eaten!”

“There’s also that Lui Factory of the Thunder Gate Secret Realm Remnant Moon Fort, I heard at the time that he was scared to death.”

“Yes, I heard about that too, and that Jin Yuan of the Fire Sect Secret Realm Chopping Moon Pavilion, these gentry, they wanted to go to the Demon Beast Secret Realm for training, but they didn’t want to encounter a beast tide!”

A group of people gathered around and discussed.

“You guys don’t know anything, what are you shouting nonsense?”

At this time, Jin Yuan also heard the crowd’s discussion and walked over with a face full of anger and roared!