A Man Like None Other Chapter 2283

When Chen Ping rode the Flaming Tiger back to the Ge family, the entire Ge family was in an uproar, all coming to see the Flaming Tiger!

No one had expected that Chen Ping would be able to subdue the Flaming Tiger as his own mount!

No one knew that there was no precedent for this in the Eight Great Mysterious Realms, no one had ever been able to subdue a demonic beast as a mount!

Even if it was a low ranked demonic beast, there was no way to subdue it at all!

“Mr. Chen, how on earth did you subdue this Flaming Tiger, you know that this Flaming Tiger’s strength is no longer below yours!”

Jiang Wu Ya was curious and asked Chen Ping!

“I’m not sure, anyway, this Flaming Tiger runs away when it sees me, as if it’s afraid of me.”

Chen Ping would not tell the truth, so he could only simply muddle through.

However, Ge Cansheng seemed to know something, so he said to Jiang Wu Ya, “Old Jiang, maybe this Flaming Tiger is following Mr. Chen and that’s why it’s so obedient, so don’t think about the others.”

“Mr. Chen must be exhausted from going to the Demon Beast Secret Realm, I think it’s better to let him rest more!”

Ge Cansheng gave the order to expel the guests, dispersing all the people so that Chen Ping could rest!

Otherwise, with so many people guarding him, Chen Ping wouldn’t be able to rest properly!

Chen Ping guarded the Flaming Tiger and stayed in the Ge family grounds for a few days, and in these few days, the Flaming Tiger had already developed a great understanding with Chen Ping!

“Mr. Chen, father said that today is the time for the Secret Realm Conference to begin, I wonder how your body is recuperating?”

Ge Yuhan found Chen Ping and asked.

“My body is fine!”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile.

“Then let’s set off, Father and the others are waiting for you!”

Ge Yuhan finished speaking and led Chen Ping out of the Ge family grounds.

At this moment, quite a few people had already gathered outside, people from the Zhangyue Pavilion had also arrived, among them was that Jin Yuan!

There were ten competition spots in total, the Ge Family took up three, the Tian Luo Tower took up three, while the Zhan Yue Pavilion had four spots, after all, in this Fire Gate Secret Realm, the Zhan Yue Pavilion was the strongest!

When Jin Yuan saw Chen Ping riding out on a blazing tiger, his whole body froze, his eyes almost bulging out, that look was as ridiculous as it could be!

Even someone like Jin Lifu, who had seen a lot of things, looked at Chen Ping with a shocked face.

“Ge Cang Sheng, what is this …… situation?”

Jin Lifu pointed at Chen Ping and asked Ge Cansheng.

“There is no situation, this Flaming Tiger is just a mount that Mr. Chen went to the Demon Beast Secret Realm to subdue a few days ago!”

“Now do you still look down on Mr. Chen? If Mr. Chen rode the Flaming Tiger into the ring, do you think he wouldn’t be able to win three matches?”

Ge Cansheng said with a disdainful look at Jin Lifu!

Jin Lifu didn’t say a word, but only looked at Chen Ping with a bit of coldness in his eyes.

Chen Ping felt that coldness in Jin Lifu’s body, he didn’t understand, he didn’t seem to have any problems following Jin Lifu, this guy seemed to have a problem with him from the first moment he simply looked at him!

But Chen Ping didn’t care, instead he followed Ge Cang Sheng’s crowd and walked towards the teleportation array!

“Mr. Chen, do you have a way to hide this Flaming Tiger, so that it can still be used as a killer, if you ride it in such a big way, others will be wary of you.”

“Moreover, if you are able to subdue the demonic beast, many people will definitely be jealous, and there might be people who will hit on you and bring you unnecessary trouble!”

Ge Cansheng said to Chen Ping on his way to the teleportation formation!

Chen Ping thought about it, but this Flaming Tiger was so big that there was no way he could fit it in his storage ring!

“I know it’s a bit flashy, but the Flaming Tiger is so big that there’s no way to hide it in my storage ring!”

Chen Ping said somewhat helplessly.

But just as Chen Ping finished his words, the Flaming Tiger heard Chen Ping’s words and let out a low roar, followed by a burst of light from its body, and under the gaze of the crowd, its body became smaller and smaller!