A Man Like None Other Chapter 2282

As soon as she heard that the Flaming Tiger had actually come and brought along a large number of demonic beasts, Ge Yuhan’s heart instantly sank!

Since the Flaming Tiger was fine, it was proof that something had happened to Chen Ping.

Now that the Flaming Tiger should be coming to retaliate and start the tide of beasts again, Ge Yuhan knew that with the few of them, they would instantly be drowned under the tide of beasts!

“Miss Ge, let’s run away, if we don’t, it will be too late ……”

Hou Zhen urged at Ge Yuhan!

“You guys go, I want to kill this Flaming Tiger and avenge Mr. Chen ……”

Ge Yuhan intended to let Hou Zhen and the others leave, she wanted to avenge Chen Ping!

When Hou Zhen heard this, he thought that Ge Yuhan was crazy.

“Miss Ge, how can you be a match for that blazing tiger, besides there are many other demonic beasts, you should not make unnecessary sacrifices!”

Hou Zhen persuaded Ge Yu Han!

But Ge Yuhan was unmoved, her eyes full of determined killing intent!

The earth began to tremble, and the roar of the demonic beasts grew closer and closer!

Although the faces of the Ge clan were ugly, they didn’t leave, but grabbed their weapons and stood behind Ge Yuhan!

Seeing this, Hou Zhen could only grit his teeth and took his weapons out as well!

Soon, the figure of the Flaming Tiger appeared and got closer and closer!

Ge Yuhan held her longsword, her aura exploding as she looked at the blazing tiger in front of her and was about to slash out with her sword!

“Miss Ge, wait a moment ……”

Hou Zhen hurriedly stopped Ge Yuhan, then said, “Look, is there a person on the back of that blazing tiger?”

Ge Yuhan fixed her eyes and saw that there was indeed a person sitting on the back of the blazing tiger!

When the Flaming Tiger came into view, the crowd then realised that the person on top was actually Chen Ping!

“Mr. Chen …………”

Seeing Chen Ping, Ge Yuhan was surprised to shout!

Chen Ping took a look, Ge Yuhan and the girls were actually still here, so he leapt down and said, “Why are you all still here? Haven’t you left?”

“Where are the others?”

Chen Ping noticed that Lu Factory and that Jin Yuan were all gone, had they all been eaten by the demonic beasts?

Hou Zhen hurriedly explained, “The others were all rescued, we were here waiting for Mr. Chen’s!”

Hou Zhen told the story of how Ge Cang Sheng and Jiang Wu Ya and the others had brought people to the rescue after Chen Ping had left after the Flaming Tiger!

When he heard that Ge Yuhan and the others had stayed behind and waited, worried about his safety, Chen Ping was inwardly moved!

“Mr. Chen, this …… this blazing tiger ……”

Ge Yuhan looked at that blazing tiger, somewhat at a loss for words, asked.

“Oh, now this blazing tiger is already my mount, I have tamed him ……”

Chen Ping said as he gently patted the Flaming Tiger’s head!

As for the matter of the fiery phoenix, Chen Ping did not intend to say anything, otherwise the major mysterious realms would be afraid that they would go crazy and rush into this demonic beast mysterious realm after they knew about it!

“Tame it?” Hou Zhen’s eyes widened, his face full of incredulity, “Mr. Chen was actually able to tame this Flaming Tiger?”

“I’ve never heard that there are still demonic beasts that have been tamed, it’s simply incredible!”

Hou Zhen was shocked as he looked at the Flaming Tiger lying on the ground in a docile manner!

Ge Yuhan also looked shocked and said, “Mr. Chen, is this …… true? You’ve really tamed this Flaming Tiger?”

“Of course, if you don’t believe me, you can come over and touch it, it’s even fine to ride it around, it’s very obedient ……”

Chen Ping smiled faintly at Ge Yuhan and said!

When Ge Yuhan heard this, she couldn’t help but go forward and slowly stretch out her hand, then gently stroked the Blazing Tiger’s head!

The blazing tiger didn’t get angry, but even stuck out its tongue and licked at Ge Yuhan’s hand, which made Ge Yuhan excited!

“Alright, let’s go back first, or else Clan Elder Ge will be worried!”

Chen Ping mounted the Flaming Tiger and invited Ge Yuhan onto the tiger’s back as well, before using the teleportation array and returning to the Fire Gate Secret Realm!