A Man Like None Other Chapter 2281

Chen Ping felt like he hadn’t done anything and was being relied on like this, that wouldn’t do ……

“Just now when I sucked your blood, I have become your person, from now on you are my master, didn’t you feel that just now?”

Fire Phoenix asked to Chen Ping.

“I …………”

Chen Ping was speechless for a moment, he had just felt very comfortable, as if he was in a gentle place!

But this is too outrageous, just sucking a drop of his own blood, then he became his own person, and also …………

“Miss Fire Phoenix, I really have a hard time accepting this for a moment, I have to hurry back or else they’ll all be worried about me!”

Chen Ping was ready to leave quickly, or else he really couldn’t explain it!

“Master, if you want to leave, I won’t stop you, but before you leave, let me give master a gift!”

After the Fire Phoenix finished speaking, he directly waved his arm gently.

The entire Demonic Beast Mountain Range suddenly began to shake as countless demonic beasts let out bursts of hissing!

Just listening to these hisses, one could feel the excitement of these demonic beasts!

It was as if they were all cheering for the Fire Phoenix!

The few demonic beasts that had just forced Chen Ping to this place had all arrived at this moment.

Facing the fire phoenix, those demonic beasts were as meek as domestic dogs!

“From today onwards, this is your master, no matter what time it is, you will all obey his orders ……”

The fire phoenix said to those demonic beasts!

Those demonic beasts looked at Chen Ping, then all roared low in response, and kept nodding their heads!

“Master, these demonic beasts already have spiritual intelligence, although they can’t speak human and take human form, however their intelligence is not weak!”

“You pick one and use it as your mount, and it can also help you fend off in times of danger!”

The fire phoenix said to Chen Ping.

When Chen Ping saw this, he couldn’t help but feel excited inside, if he could have such a mount, he would be so powerful that he would die!

Chen Ping looked at the several demonic beasts in front of him, but for a moment he didn’t know which one to choose!

Just as Chen Ping was having trouble choosing, the Flaming Tiger that had started the tide of beasts let out a low roar and then walked up to Chen Ping’s feet, rubbing against him, as if it was proposing itself!

Seeing this, Chen Ping directly touched the head of the blazing tiger with his hand, then said to the fire phoenix, “Then I’ll choose this blazing tiger ……”

“Okay master, if you encounter any difficulties, you can always come here to find me!”

The fire phoenix said.


Chen Ping nodded his head.

Although at this moment, Chen Ping did not feel like he needed anything from Fire Phoenix, but in the near future, when Chen Ping attacked the eight secret realms, Fire Phoenix and her Demonic Beast Mountain Range had made a great contribution.

Chen Ping leapt and sat down on that fiery tiger!

The blazing tiger let out a hiss and immediately ran towards the bottom of the mountain!

On both sides of the mountain road, countless demonic beasts were lined up to send Chen Ping off, just like a general reviewing his soldiers!

At this moment, Ge Yuhan, who was waiting for Chen Ping at the foot of the mountain, listened to the hissing coming from the demonic beast mountain range and could not help but turn very ugly!

“Miss Ge, I reckon Mr. Chen is in grave danger, I think we’d better go back ……”

Hou Zhen said to Ge Yuhan!

No one had been able to enter the Demonic Beast Mountain Range for such a long time, and no one had been able to penetrate to the deepest part of the Demonic Beast Mountain Range!

“It’s better to wait ……”

Ge Yuhan was a little sad, for Chen Ping, her feelings were special because without Chen Ping, Ge Yuhan wouldn’t have been able to recover!

“Eldest Miss, Eldest Miss, it’s not good, it’s not good …………”

At this moment, a member of the Ge family hurriedly came running!

“What’s wrong?” Ge Yuhan asked.

“The Flaming Tiger, the Flaming Tiger is running our way, and there are a large number of demonic beasts, I’m afraid that a beast tide will form again.”

That Ge family member said with a face full of panic!