A Man Like None Other Chapter 2280

“You’re from the Celestial Realm, so can you tell me a little about the Celestial Realm?”

Chen Ping asked with great excitement.

But who knew that the fire phoenix shook its head and said, “I can’t talk about it because everything in the Celestial Realm is heavenly information, and if I reveal it to you, I am afraid that I will suffer the wrath of heaven.”

Seeing that Fire Phoenix could not tell, Chen Ping was like a deflated ball, and the excitement on his face instantly disappeared!

“Then what exactly do you want to do by luring me here?”

Chen Ping asked.

“Although I am now able to take human form after eating the Sacred Fruit, I am only able to take human form for three hours every day, and the rest of the time I will still take the form of a phoenix!”

“The ancestor who threw me here in the first place said that as long as I could take a drop of dragon blood, I would be able to mingle with a dragon and a phoenix and turn into a human form forever!”

The fire phoenix explained!

With Fire Phoenix’s words, Chen Ping instantly understood why she had lured herself here!

“You are trying to suck my blood?” Chen Ping frowned, “But I’m not a dragon either, my golden dragon was only conjured up with the power of the divine dragon, because I have a dragon crystal inside me!”

Chen Ping explained after Fire Phoenix, he guessed that Fire Phoenix had misunderstood and thought that he was a real dragon!

“No, you are the Dragon’s Son, you are the true dragon, and you …………”

The fire phoenix seemed to want to say something else, but before he could finish his words, a sudden bolt from the blue, the fire phoenix’s entire body just trembled, and his face instantly turned pale!

“I am what? Go on, tell me! Do you know my life?”

Chen Ping had long heard many people say that he was the son of a dragon, that he was some kind of golden dragon’s true body!

So Chen Ping was very curious at this moment as to who his father really was!

“I don’t know anything, I don’t know anything ……”

Fire Phoenix seemed to be in great shock, the whole person waved his hands, his eyes full of panic!

When Chen Ping saw this, he wondered why all this talk about his divine knowledge had become so fearful.

That Blood Demon was the same way back then, talking about his own father and immediately shutting up!

Seeing Fire Phoenix like this, Chen Ping stopped asking questions and directly bit his finger, and a drop of blood floated in the air!

“If my blood is useful to you, then you should take it!”

Chen Ping said to the fire phoenix!

Seeing this, the fire phoenix showed gratitude and directly opened its mouth and swallowed the drop of Chen Ping’s blood!

When Chen Ping’s blood entered the Fire Phoenix’s body, it instantly made the Fire Phoenix’s body turn crystal clear!

At this moment, Fire Phoenix seemed to be immersed in a hot spring, with her eyes slightly closed, looking like she was enjoying herself!

But she didn’t notice that the phoenix feathers that had been covering the private parts of her body were slowly disappearing!

At this point, Fire Phoenix became a real woman!

When Chen Ping saw Fire Phoenix’s snow-white skin, exposed naked in front of him, his nosebleeds instantly gushed out!

Chen Ping hurriedly turned around and chanted the Clear Heart Mantra desperately under his breath!

But even so, Chen Ping’s heart was still in turmoil, unable to calm down for a long time!

He felt like his whole body was in a tender place at the moment!

Chen Ping didn’t know that a drop of his blood entering Fire Phoenix’s body was the same as two people having intercourse with each other!

What he was feeling now was what he really felt!

I don’t know how long it took, but along with a humming sound, Fire Phoenix slowly opened her eyes!

When she saw that she was naked, Fire Phoenix blushed and hurriedly ran into the room!

When she came out, she had already put on her clothes!

“Sorry, I didn’t see anything just now ……”

Chen Ping saw that Fire Phoenix had come out and hurriedly explained!

Fire Phoenix smiled faintly and said softly, “I’m already yours, let alone you seeing it, you can do anything you want to me ……”

When Chen Ping heard this, he instantly froze and hurriedly waved his hands, “Miss Fire Phoenix, you must not misunderstand, I really didn’t do anything, I just accidentally took a look, but immediately turned around!”