A Man Like None Other Chapter 2279

Chen Ping took a big breath to calm himself down, then asked the Fire Phoenix, “Did you instruct these demonic beasts to lure me here?”

The Fire Phoenix nodded without hesitation, “Yes, I was the one who told the Flaming Tiger to lure you here.”

“What did you lure me here to do?”

Chen Ping got nervous again!

Not to mention the strength of this Flaming Phoenix, just those few demonic beasts, Chen Ping couldn’t even deal with them, if they were added to the Flaming Phoenix, Chen Ping wouldn’t have the slightest room to resist!

“Of course I’ll kill you!” After the fire phoenix finished speaking, his body suddenly resented the killing aura, followed by the appearance of a phoenix burning with blazing flames behind him!

A terrifying aura enveloped Chen Ping, which made Chen Ping somewhat at a loss for words!

Since this fire phoenix wanted to kill himself, why did he still lure himself to this place?

Even if these demonic beasts were to strike, Chen Ping would have no chance of surviving, so how could he use the fire phoenix to strike?

But knowing that he was no match, Chen Ping would not give up either.

Looking at the fire phoenix that was about to kill him, Chen Ping could only grip the Dragon Cutting Sword tightly and the power of the divine dragon erupted, accompanied by a dragon roar, a golden dragon circled behind him!

The golden dragon against the fire phoenix, the entire demonic beast mountain range was enveloped in terror at the moment!

The fire phoenix looked at the golden dragon behind Chen Ping without the slightest hint of fear in its eyes, and actually displayed a look of excitement!

Immediately afterwards, the fire phoenix gathered up the killing aura on its body and ran towards Chen Ping with a face full of excitement!

Chen Ping was filled with amazement as he stared dumbly at the fire phoenix!

“I can’t believe it’s true, you’re actually a real Dragon’s Son, I’m so happy to have met you ……”

Fire Phoenix actually ignored the fact that she was a daughter and ran straight over and hugged Chen Ping tightly!

This directly confused Chen Ping a little!

Gathering his breath, Chen Ping stood dumbfounded and let Fire Phoenix hug him!

Feeling the warmth of Fire Phoenix’s body and the fragrance of a young girl’s body, Chen Ping’s heart actually began to stir, that most primitive, most impulsive of manly instincts was constantly pounding into Chen Ping’s brain!

Chen Ping’s breathing became heavy and he wanted to take the fire phoenix in front of him into his room, he needed to let out the impulse in his heart!

But Chen Ping knew that he could not do that.

Chen Ping recited the Clear Heart Mantra, a clear and bright Qi instantly swept through Chen Ping’s mind, causing Chen Ping’s newly impulsive mind to calm down!

“Girl, show some self-respect, men and women are not related to each other ……”

Chen Ping said with a calm face as he pushed away the fire phoenix!

Fire Phoenix glanced at her body, then blushed and said, “I’m really sorry, because I was too excited ……”

After speaking, Fire Phoenix then turned her head to look at those few demonic beasts and waved her hand, “You all go down!”

After hearing this, those few demonic beasts actually turned their heads and walked away straight away!

This made Chen Ping look dumbfounded, he never thought that these demonic beasts could still understand human language!

“Let’s go to the room and talk!” Fire Phoenix said politely to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping nodded, and then walked into the room!

After entering the room, Chen Ping could not help but ask, “Who are you anyway? Even if a phoenix cultivates and transforms into a human, it should always have an identity, right?”

The fire phoenix didn’t say anything, but made tea and poured water for Chen Ping, before sitting down and saying, “My original body is indeed a phoenix, only that I don’t belong here ……”

“Don’t belong here?” Chen Ping was stunned, “Then what place are you from?”

“I was originally a fire phoenix in the Celestial Realm, and only because I stole a holy fruit, I was torn apart in space and time by my ancestor and thrown here ……”

The fire phoenix said with a somewhat sad expression.

But when Chen Ping heard the three words of the Celestial Human Realm, his expression became incomparably excited, he was eager to know about the Celestial Human Realm, but he didn’t expect to come across a fire phoenix here that had come from the Celestial Human Realm!

This way, he would be able to know some things about the Celestial Human Realm from the mouth of the Fire Phoenix.