A Man Like None Other Chapter 2278

Seeing this, Chen Ping knew what these demonic beasts were trying to do, so he simply did not need to be forced by them and took the initiative to head towards the highest point of the mountain range!

Seeing this, the demonic beasts quietly followed behind Chen Ping, but none of them attacked him!

Although Chen Ping was inwardly very curious, these demonic beasts could not speak, so there was no way to ask!

All he could do now was to go to the highest point of the demonic beast mountain range and see what these demonic beasts were up to!

Soon, Chen Ping reached the highest point of the mountain range, and to his surprise, Chen Ping found a house here!

The houses were all made out of stones and were packed in a magnificent way!

Obviously, such a house could certainly not have been built by a demonic beast.

“Could this place be inhabited?”

Chen Ping was inwardly ecstatic, he did not expect that this highest part of the demonic beast mountain range would be inhabited!

Suddenly, Chen Ping had an idea, he guessed that the demonic beasts in this demonic beast mountain range could have been bred by people?

Otherwise, why would houses suddenly appear here, showing signs of human activity?

Chen Ping slowly walked towards the house, then gently pushed open the door, and soon a fragrance came to his nose!

Chen Ping looked around inside the house and found that there was no one inside, but there were plenty of household items inside!

And there was a dressing table with a mirror on it!

“Could it be that a woman is living here?”

Chen Ping was a little surprised, looking at the layout of the room, it was obviously inhabited by a woman!

After Chen Ping entered the room, those demonic beasts all wandered outside, none of them dared to come near the room!

After looking around inside the room, Chen Ping did not find anyone, so he walked out!

But just as he stepped out of the room, he heard a cry, and then the sky suddenly became dark!

A colourful phoenix was hovering in the sky, and when the demonic beasts saw it, they all knelt down and worshipped!

One by one, the demonic beasts let out a low roar from their mouths, and their eyes were filled with respect!

Chen Ping looked at that phoenix and was also very surprised, the Zeng Long Sword in his hand was held tightly, ready to deal with the attack of the demonic beasts under this!

After seeing Chen Ping, the colourful phoenix then fell from mid-air!

But the moment it fell, a golden light flashed, and the original phoenix had turned into a wonderful young girl.

The young girl’s skin was snow-white, and she had a charming face, with long black hair falling from her shoulders.

On the private part of the young girl, it was covered by many phoenix feathers!

Even so, Chen Ping’s blood still spurted when he saw the girl, after all, he was a normal man!

But when he thought that the young girl was a phoenix, Chen Ping’s impulse was suppressed!

The young girl glanced at Chen Ping, then looked behind her at the demonic beasts, followed by a hand gently stroking the top of the Flaming Tiger’s head.

The Flaming Tiger let out a low chirp, seemingly following the young girl in communication!

Soon, the young girl looked at Chen Ping with astonished eyes, incredulity showing in her gaze!

“Who the hell are you? Why are you breaking into the Demonic Beast Mountain Range?”

The young girl spoke up and asked Chen Ping!

Chen Ping didn’t know how to answer, so he could only tell the truth about the situation!

As soon as the young lady heard this, her face became very gloomy and she said, “You guys are running to our territory to hunt in order to improve your strength, do you know that we are also constantly improving our strength in order to survive.”

“You …… what are you? How can you change from a phoenix to a human form?”

Chen Ping asked with some fear at the young girl.

“I am a fire phoenix, when we cultivate to a certain point, of course we can take on human form.”

The young girl followed Chen Ping and explained.