A Man Like None Other Chapter 2277

The Flaming Tiger’s strength was obviously higher than Chen Ping’s, but Chen Ping was chasing after the Flaming Tiger, but the Flaming Tiger just ran away and did not stop fighting with Chen Ping!

Gradually, Chen Ping didn’t know how long he had been chasing the tiger, but when he came to his senses, he found that he had already penetrated deep into the demon mountain range.

Chen Ping was shocked and hurriedly stopped, his consciousness spread out instantly and he felt countless powerful auras all around him. Although these auras did not carry any danger, Chen Ping knew that if these powerful auras saw him, he would not hesitate to attack!

Looking at the fleeing flaming tiger, Chen Ping did not pursue it, but turned around and went back!

But just as Chen Ping was about to turn around and leave, instead of chasing the Flaming Tiger, the Flaming Tiger stopped and roared in front of Chen Ping’s face!

It seemed that it did not want Chen Ping to leave, but would attack if Chen Ping moved!

Chen Ping was a bit puzzled, this flaming tiger had fled when it saw him, but when he stopped chasing it, it turned around and blocked him?

He seemed to understand the intention of the flaming tiger. This beast must have done this on purpose to lure himself to this place!

At this moment, Chen Ping became nervous, he did not think that a demonic beast would possess such intelligence!

But Chen Ping was not going to be stopped by the Flaming Tiger, so he flashed his Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, and a dragon roar sounded, and the golden dragon appeared!

When the Flaming Tiger saw the golden dragon, it obviously had fear in its eyes and kept retreating!

Chen Ping saw this and kept moving forward, he just had to force the Flaming Tiger back, if he fought now, he might attract other demon beasts to him, then Chen Ping knew there was no way he would be able to get away!

“Roar …………”

With a roar from the flaming tiger, echoes rang out from all directions.

Chen Ping felt that several terrifying auras were coming towards him!

Chen Ping’s heart raced, and he instantly chopped out the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, and a sword aura roared out, heading straight for the Flaming Tiger!

The flaming tiger leapt and dodged, while Chen Ping took the opportunity to dash forward, he had to get out of here as soon as possible!

But as Chen Ping’s body rushed forward, several demonic beasts suddenly appeared and blocked Chen Ping’s way!

Each one of them had a powerful aura, no different from that of the Flaming Tiger!

These beasts were staring at Chen Ping with such a powerful aura that Chen Ping had to stop in his tracks!

Looking at these terrifying beasts in front of him, Chen Ping knew that he was incapable of dealing with them!

So, with his Dragon Cutting Sword in hand, he slowly started to retreat backwards!

Several demon beasts did not rush to attack Chen Ping, but kept approaching him step by step!

As Chen Ping retreated, the beasts moved forward!

Chen Ping’s eyebrows were knitted together as he realised that the beasts did not want to attack him, but were deliberately pushing him towards one place!

Chen Ping was amazed, not understanding where these beasts were trying to force him into.

Soon, Chen Ping was forced to a cliff, and the path along the side of the cliff seemed to lead to the highest point of the beast mountain range!

Looking at the bottomless cliff, Chen Ping planned to jump off.

But as Chen Ping was thinking this, with a few cries, several huge flying demon beasts blocked the way to the cliff!

Now there was only one way out, and that was the path to the highest part of the mountain range!

Obviously, these beasts are forcing Chen Ping towards the highest point of the mountain. -Chen Ping