A Man Like None Other Chapter 2117

“Oh, it’s nothing ……”

Having said that, the eight men continued on their way!

Chen Ping chased after them and shouted, but the eight men did not move!

Finally Chen Ping could only follow slowly, he wanted to see where these eight people were going!

Soon, the eight men came to a cave entrance, and above the entrance were the words “Endless Cave”!

“Is this the Endless Cave? How come the surroundings are different at all?”

Chen Ping looked at the Endless Cave in front of him and was filled with confusion!

Just as Chen Ping was wondering, eight people had already walked into the Endless Cave, Chen Ping wanted to follow them in, but just as he reached the entrance of the cave, he was stopped by a huge force!

No matter how hard he tried, he could not take a single step into the cave!

Chen Ping had no choice but to stand at the entrance and listen carefully to the sounds inside the cave, hoping to get some useful information about the Endless Cave!

But after listening for half a day, Chen Ping couldn’t hear anything. But just when Chen Ping was about to look elsewhere, suddenly some screams came out from inside the cave!

Along with the screams, a burst of golden light erupted from inside the Endless Cave, a golden light that made Chen Ping unable to open his eyes!

“What can you do if you go against the heavens?”

“Hahahaha …………”

A burst of laughter came out from inside the cave, followed by a figure!

But just as Chen Ping struggled to see who this figure was, his eyes suddenly went black!

When Chen Ping opened his eyes, he found himself lying inside the Endless Cave, with Su Yuqi and the three of them anxiously watching over him!

Seeing Chen Ping awake, the three of them were all very excited!

“Brother Chen Ping, you’ve finally woken up, you almost didn’t scare us to death ……”

“Chen Ping, what’s wrong with you?”

The three men asked Chen Ping with concern.

But Chen Ping didn’t answer, instead he stood up violently, then carefully examined the statue in front of him!

“What the hell is going on? Could it be that these are not statues, but people who have been petrified using magic techniques?”

“What exactly was that person who walked out from within the Endless Cave?”

Chen Ping’s eyes were filled with confusion!

Su Yuqi and the girls could only watch, no one could understand what was wrong with Chen Ping!

Chen Ping stroked the statue as his divine sense entered within the stone statue once more, only this time nothing appeared!

“What’s going on, what the hell is going on …………”

Chen Ping stroked the statue and fell into a daze ……


Kyoto Dragon Sect!

Long Xing Xu arranged for the members of the clan to patrol and practice as usual every day!

And outside the Dragon Gate, three figures slowly appeared!

These three people were none other than Jue Yuan and Shi Qing Pei, Shi Yan’s father and son.

“As expected of someone who is at the top of the younger generation of the martial arts world, to have created such a large sect at such a young age!”

Looking at the Dragon Sect in front of him, Jue Yuan couldn’t help but sigh with emotion!

“Hmph, the reason why this Chen Ping has come this far is entirely because the martial arts world has fallen into despair!”

“And these guys in the martial arts world of Kyoto, selling their reputation and having no real skills, if all those hidden families come out of the woodwork, what is this Chen Ping.”

Shi Qingpei snorted coldly and said.

“That said, but that Chen Ping has reached the Martial Saint realm at such a young age, he is considered a dragon among men.”

“But unfortunately, being so young but rampant, he can only bring himself a death sentence!”

Jue Yuan said, looking at the plaque on the Dragon Gate, and gently waved his hand!

A terrifying aura waved out from Jue Yuan’s hand, instantly blasting that huge plaque into powder!

Even the entire gate entrance, at this moment, collapsed with a single wave from Jue Yuan!

“Eldest Brother, don’t make too much noise, after all, this is Kyoto, with that Mr Shi sitting there ……”

Shi Qingpei saw that Jue Yuan had blown down the gates of the Dragon Gate with a single strike and hurriedly persuaded!

They were here to seek revenge on Chen Ping, as long as they could catch him and torture him to death properly!