A Man Like None Other Chapter 2116

“This Chen Ping, I’m going to break him into pieces ……”

Shi Qingpei’s heart ached as he listened to Shi Yan, knowing that those magic weapons were all his heart and soul!

“Senior brother, since you have now recovered, take me to that Chen Ping, I will take revenge for you!”

Jue Yuan said casually.

“Many thanks senior brother ……”

Shi Qingpei had come to find Jue Yuan so that he could take revenge on himself.

“We will set off now ……”

Jue Yuan said, arranged the work of Kuchan Temple, and then followed Shi Qingpei’s father and son on the road to revenge!


In the secret realm!

Chen Ping and the others re-arrived at the Endless Cave, and this time nothing strange happened to Su Yuqi and the girls!

It seemed that it was caused by their special physique, and now that it was gone, nothing would happen to them!

Chen Ping looked at the statues inside the Endless Cave, he knew that the problem must lie in these statues!

Slowly reaching out his hand, Chen Ping injected a surge of spiritual energy into the statues, he wanted to try to see if the Wordless Heavenly Book could tell the origin of these statues!

Unfortunately, no matter what Chen Ping did, the Wordless Heavenly Book did not have the origins of these statues, which made Chen Ping a little chagrined!

If he could not find out the origins of this Endless Cave and these statues, there was no way for Chen Ping to heal Su Yuqi and the girls and save them from the Secret Realm!

Finally, Chen Ping looked at the statue with his right hand stretched out in front of him, and directed a ray of divine sense towards the statue!

Surprisingly, the Wordless Heavenly Book was showing words on this statue, so that proved that this statue was different from the others!

Since the Wordless Heavenly Book did not have the origin of these statues, Chen Ping wanted to use his divine sense to probe into what was inside these statues!

Why could they withstand the destruction of Chen Ping’s terrifying power and yet stand unscathed and unscathed in the slightest!

When Chen Ping’s divine sense entered within the statues, he suddenly froze, as if his whole body was frozen in place!

“Brother Chen Ping …………”

“Chen Ping …………”

Su Yuqi and the girls could see the difference in Chen Ping and hurriedly shouted!

But Chen Ping acted as if he didn’t hear them!

Chen Ping’s pupils were getting bigger and bigger, and his expression was getting more and more hideous!

This frightened Su Yuqi and the three of them!

But no matter how they shouted, Chen Ping didn’t move a muscle!

After half an hour, Chen Ping suddenly collapsed on the ground, his eyes staring straight up at the top of the cave, and his breath became very faint!

“Sister Yu Qi, what’s going on here ……? What’s wrong with Brother Chen Ping?”

Seeing this, Xiao Ru was so scared that she almost cried out!

“I don’t know either.” Su Yuqi was also a bit at a loss at this point!

At this moment, Chen Ping’s entire body was frozen like a wooden chicken, but all of his divine sense had already entered the statue!

“What the …… hell is this place?”

Chen Ping felt like he was in a vast land, surrounded by some flying birds and beasts, and abundant with spiritual energy, even more than in the secret realm!

Just when Chen Ping was confused, eight people walked in front of him, and they were all wearing very ancient clothes, but they had the three words of the Questioning Dao Sect embroidered on them!

“They …… they are …………”

Chen Ping’s eyes were filled with surprise as he looked at the eight people walking towards him!

Because he found that the appearance of these eight people actually followed the exact same statues inside the Endless Cave!

Chen Ping wanted to stop these eight people and ask them about it, but it seemed that these eight people could not see Chen Ping at all and walked straight past him!

Only the man with a book in his hand frowned slightly as he pa*sed by Chen Ping and looked around!

“Grand Elder, what are you looking at? The Patriarch has summoned us to ask the Dao of the Pan Clan, we can’t delay!”

At this moment, a man with his head in a bun asked.