A Man Like None Other Chapter 1728

Hu Ma Zi nodded, and then the two men moved forward cautiously!

At the same time Chen Ping’s divine sense spread out and began to search the surroundings, as long as there were ninjas around, he would be able to spot them first!

At the same time, inside the cave, Jiro Ono was looking at Ge Yuhan in front of him!

Looking at Ge Yuhan’s beauty, Ono Jiro’s heart was hungry and thirsty!

But because of Kawaguchi Ichio’s instructions, Ono Jiro did not dare to do anything to Ge Yuhan.

Just the moment Ono Jiro got up, a sudden divine sense was sensed by him.

“Someone has intruded ……”

Ono Jiro’s face changed and he immediately ordered loudly “Quickly, someone is breaking in, one group to meet the enemy, others close the camp!”

Soon, a dozen warriors dressed in black rushed out, and the cave entrance began to creak, and soon the cave entrance was closed, following the whole mountain to become one, it could not be seen at all!

“Master Hu, a dozen people are coming over ……”

Chen Ping alerted to Pocky Hu.

“I feel it, they are all a bunch of Great Martial Zongs, not even a Martial Marquis, trash ……”

Hu Pazzi said disdainfully.

“These people are given to you, can you deal with them?”

Chen Ping looked at Hu Pocky.

“sh*t, looking down on me?”

Hu Ma Zi said, mumbling the words under his breath, followed by his entire body instantly transforming into the appearance of the ninja that had just been killed!

“I’ll disguise myself into this appearance and give them a surprise ……”

Hu Ma Zi said with a heated smile at Chen Ping.

Chen Ping had almost forgotten that Hu Ma Zi had learned the Transformation and Splitting Incantation, and that he had pa*sed it on to him.

“Then next, let’s see your performance ……”

Chen Ping smiled faintly, followed by a vertical movement of his body and hid himself in the trees, and completely concealed his aura!

Hu Ma Zi pretended to be injured and began to walk forward, soon following the dozen or so oncoming warriors!

“What’s the situation?”

A leader of the group among the samurai asked.

“Someone broke in and killed our men ……”

Hu Ma Zi said with a weak look and a pale face.

“Baka, dare someone break into our camp, D*mn you ……”

“You follow behind, I’m going to kill that intruder ……”

The team leader roared, then led those samurai onwards!

Hu Ma Zi followed behind and gently tapped the shoulder of the last samurai.

“What is it?”

The samurai turned back and asked.

But as soon as he turned around, all he saw was a brightly shining dagger, only to see a flash of white light, and the samurai’s neck was instantly slit open!

Without making any sound, the warrior went straight to hell!

Hu Pazzi reached out and held the warrior’s body so that he would slowly fall to the ground so as not to alert the people in front of him!

The men in front of him didn’t even notice that Hu Ma Zi had done it cleanly!

And since Hu Ma Zi was now in the form of one of their own, no one would be wary of him at all!

In this way, Hu Ma Zi used the same technique to kill several warriors one after another, and Chen Ping, who was hiding in a tree, almost laughed out loud as he watched!

At the end of the day, the team leader, still walking cautiously forward, one hand on his katana, ready to strike at any moment!

After walking some distance without seeing any intruders, the team leader frowned slightly, “Let’s split up and search, you guys ……”

The team leader turned around, ready to give the order, but found that behind him was empty, except for Hu Ma Zi alone, there was no one else!

The team leader was startled: “Where are they?”

Hu Pazi shook his head, “I don’t know ……”

At this moment, the team leader’s gaze towards Hu Pazi changed a little, then he fiercely withdrew backwards: “Who the hell are you?”