A Man Like None Other Chapter 1713

With this kick, Jun Watanabe’s head would surely be torn apart!

But just as Chen Ping was about to step down, he suddenly felt a terrifying aura coming over him, causing Chen Ping to instantly retreat backwards!

It was only after he had withdrawn a dozen metres in a row that Chen Ping was able to stabilise himself.

When Chen Ping looked at Kazuo Kawaguchi, he found that Kazuo Kawaguchi was like a new person, and the aura he exuded from his body made Chen Ping feel chilled!

Chen Ping’s brow furrowed, his eyes full of surprise, he did not understand, what method did this Kawaguchi Kazuo use, how could he hide his aura and not even leak it out at all!

“Thank you, Kawaguchi-san ……”

Watanabe Jun followed Kawaguchi Kazuo and thanked him!

“Watanabe Jun, are you still able to fight?” Kazuo Kawaguchi asked.

“Yes!” Watanabe Jun nodded!

“Since you can fight, then continue, my island warriors, have no tradition of returning from defeat ……”

Kawaguchi Kazuo said.

“Hi!” Watanabe Jun nodded, his eyes already full of determination to die.

Chen Ping looked at Watanabe Jun, although he could easily kill Watanabe Jun, but now the sudden appearance of Kawaguchi Kazuo made Chen Ping’s heart afraid!

Kawaguchi Kazuo seemed to see Chen Ping’s worry and said with a faint smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t make a move, it’s the two of you who are going to spar, and as the head of the amba*sador, I will of course abide by the rules!”

Seeing Kawaguchi Kazuo say this, Chen Ping’s heart then breathed a sigh of relief, after all, the aura from Kawaguchi Kazuo just now was too terrifying!

“Come on!”

Chen Ping beckoned towards Watanabe Jun!

“Go ahead ……” Kawaguchi Kazuo patted Watanabe Jun’s shoulder!

But with this pat, only to see the aura on Jun Watanabe’s body instantly change, followed by a rapid increase in strength, which soon reached its peak!

A terrifying power emanated from Watanabe Jun’s body.

At this moment, Watanabe Jun’s eyes became sharp, as if he was a different person!

Chen Ping’s face began to turn ugly because the aura he felt from Watanabe Jun was surprisingly similar to that of Kawaguchi Kazuo!

Chen Ping did not understand what kind of manipulation that Kawaguchi Kazuo had done to this Watanabe Jun.

“Today, I will let you see the true strength of our island ……”

Watanabe Jun slowly spoke, but at this moment, Watanabe Jun even changed his voice!

“Hmph, just a fellow possessed by a soul spirit, what is rampant, after I kill you, I will destroy the soul spirit inside you as well ……”

Chen Ping said in a cold voice.

Chen Ping could tell that the way that Watanabe Jun was acting now, it was completely in line with being possessed by a soul spirit and taking control of his body!

Chen Ping had killed many people possessed by spirits, so he wasn’t afraid of them!

After all, although those spirits were highly powerful in life, after they transformed into spirits, their strength was not even one in ten, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

“Hahahaha, ignoramus, what can you know ……”

Watanabe Jun laughed loudly, then his body slowly floated towards the mid-air, followed by a terrifying power that instantly enveloped the entire Long family.

At this moment, many people became nervous, now it was impossible for them to leave the Dragon Family!

Watanabe Jun’s body was slowly wrapped in red blood mist, the thick blood aura, coupled with that terrifying power, instantly made many people unable to bear it!

Some of those who were weak began to turn ugly.

Gu Ling’er and the girls all frowned one by one, emitting their internal Qi to resist the terrifying power!

Seeing this, Chen Ping’s body flashed with golden light, and an aura emanated from his body as he followed Jun Watanabe in his resistance!

With Chen Ping’s resistance, many people were visibly more relaxed!

“Humph, a bunch of ants, they really think they can fight against me ……”

Watanabe Jun was in mid-air, his blood red colour slowly transforming into a large turtle!