A Man Like None Other Chapter 1710

Watanabe Jun looked at Zhu Hao without the slightest fear, “You are Chen Ping?”

“I am not Chen Ping!”

Zhu Hao shook his head.

“Since you are not Chen Ping, then I won’t fight you, let Chen Ping come out ……”

These words of Jun Watanabe deeply irritated Zhu Hao.

Wasn’t this clearly looking down on him and thinking that he was not as strong as Chen Ping?

This infuriated Zhu Hao!

“You ronin, don’t think that in our Daxia martial arts world, there is only one expert, Chen Ping, to kill you, I am enough ……”

With that, Zhu Hao slammed his fist towards Watanabe Jun.

Facing Zhu Hao’s punch, Watanabe Jun slightly sidestepped and dodged it, then retreated his body to the courtyard!

Seeing that the punch had missed, Zhu Hao leapt up with his body and kicked out again in the air.

Jun Watanabe reached out to block the kick, but the force of it caused him to retreat several steps backwards!

And that Zhu Hao landed in front of Watanabe Jun: “You don’t think I’m worthy of your hand with this ability?”

“The strength of a Grand Martial Marquis is indeed good and worthy of my hand ……”

After Watanabe Jun finished speaking, he fiercely grabbed the katana in his own hand, and then smashed it towards Zhu Hao!

Watanabe Jun actually didn’t draw his sword, but directly smashed at Zhu Hao with its sheath!

“Humph, arrogant ……”

When Zhu Hao saw that this Watanabe Jun had a weapon that he didn’t use, he coldly snorted and clawed his right hand forward!

It directly grabbed Watanabe Jun’s sword sheath, and the aura from the two instantly collided!

Boom ……

After a loud sound, Zhu Hao only felt a huge force coming from that katana.

This power was very bizarre and instantly pa*sed through the katana and drilled into Zhu Hao’s body!

Zhu Hao only felt his heart tremble, the breath in his body instantly dissipated, and his whole body backed up, a mouthful of fresh blood gushing out!

“If that’s all you’ve got, don’t come out and disgrace yourself ……”

Watanabe Jun had a disdainful face, and then sneered as he swept the crowd, “Who is Chen Ping, come out and answer the battle, don’t act like a coward ……”

“D*mn it, I’ll fight you ……”

Zhu Hao had lost his face in front of the crowd, of course he couldn’t swallow this anger!

Only to see Zhu Hao instantly pull out the nine-section whip from his waist, and with a flick of his wrist, the nine-section whip actually turned into a straight stick!

“You still dare to make a move?”

Watanabe Jun’s eyes faintly stared!

“What a waste of words, do it ……”

Zhu Hao said, the nine-sectioned whip in his hand ruthlessly smashed towards Zhu Hao, the whistling sound rang out and the entire void was beginning to tremble.

The strength of the Great Martial Marquis is not to be underestimated!

Seeing this, Watanabe Jun sent the katana in his hand forward, directly blocking Zhu Hao’s nine-sectioned whip!


With a sound of collision, the nine-sectioned whip in Zhu Hao’s hand was instantly swung away!

But the nine-sectioned whip, which had originally turned into a stick, instantly transformed into a poisonous snake as it swung away!

The head of the whip, like a poisonous snake spitting its letter, instantly exploded and ruthlessly headed towards Watanabe Jun’s back!

No one had expected that Zhu Hao’s nine-sectioned whip had a mechanism on it!


The nine-sectioned whip struck Jun Watanabe’s back, instantly splitting his back into flesh and skin!

Zhu Hao’s confidence was boosted by this blow and his face was full of triumph!

Watanabe Jun, on the other hand, his eyes narrowed slightly, “You’re forcing me to kill you ……”

“Come and kill me if you have the ability, just in case you don’t have that ability!”

Zhu Hao said, and with the same old trick, the nine-section whip in his hand once again went towards that Watanabe Jun!

This time, Watanabe Jun did not use his katana to block it directly, but sheathed his sword with a clang.

There was a dazzling flash of cold light, and Watanabe swung his sword in front of him.

The crowd only saw a flash of light, and when they looked at the katana in Watanabe’s hand, it had already returned to its sheath!

But when they looked at the nine-sectioned whip in Zhu Hao’s hand, it had broken into several sections and could no longer be used.

Seeing this, everyone drew in a cold breath, because this Watanabe Jun’s swordsmanship was really too fast!