A Man Like None Other Chapter 1709

At the sight of Mr Shi, many guests stood up.

“Mr Shi ……”

All of these people greeted Mr Shi.

Chen Ping was also surprised, he did not expect Mr. Shi to come.

“Mr. Shi, what brings you here?”

Chen Ping hurriedly went forward and asked unexpectedly.

“A youngest person to start a sect has appeared in my Kyoto, so of course I had to be there to congratulate him.”

Mr Shi said with a faint smile.

When that Nie Cheng saw Mr. Shi, his face couldn’t have been more ugly!

“Mr. Shi ……”

Nie Cheng walked up to Mr. Shi and shouted out respectfully.

Mr. Shi shot a glance at Nie Cheng, then coldly spat out one word: “Get lost ……”

Nie Cheng didn’t say anything and took Ning Zhi with him and quickly left.

Mr. Shi’s arrival instantly added a lot of light to Chen Ping, and many people had only heard that Mr. Shi took great care of Chen Ping.

But now it seemed that it was more than that!

Even Jiang Wei and the other young talents were envious when they saw how Mr Shi treated Chen Ping!

“Mr. Shi, please take your seat ……”

Chen Ping said to Mr Shi.

“No, I won’t sit down, if I stay, I believe no one here will be able to eat well.”

Mr. Shi smiled lightly, then continued, “I came to inform you of one thing, the island Watanabe family is here and will issue a challenge to you, you should measure yourself.”

When Chen Ping heard this, he was not shocked in his heart, he did not expect that after such a long time, the Watanabe family was still not dead.

In fact, Chen Ping did not know that during this period of time, the Watanabe family had been trying to find ways to step into Daxia and kill Chen Ping, only that they were all stopped by Mr. Shi’s men at the border.

“Mr. Shi, I will pay attention.”

Chen Ping said with a nod.

Mr. Shi did not stay, and after following Chen Ping, he simply left.

“Brother Chen Ping, I didn’t expect Mr. Shi to treat you really well, now with official recognition, this Dragon Sect of yours can definitely grow.”

Jiang Wei said to Chen Ping with great envy.

At first, he envied Chen Ping for having those women around him.

Now he envied Chen Ping for having the official cover!

Anyway, it was envy and jealousy that made people hate!

“Chen Ping, now I’m going to challenge you even more, so hurry up and set a time, I didn’t expect you to be more famous in Kyoto than I even imagined.”

Zhu Hao said with an excited face as he followed Chen Ping.

If he defeated Chen Ping, he would become even more famous in Kyoto, and even in the entire martial arts world!

Chen Ping opened his mouth just to say something, when he heard a noise at the door, followed by the sight of several disciples at the door, being thrown in!

Then a Watanabe Jun, holding a samurai sword and wearing a samurai uniform, slowly walked in.

The crowd took one look and saw that it was an islander, and they all had a fierce look in their eyes!

But this Watanabe Jun didn’t show a hint of cowardice in the face of so many people!

“Which one of you here is Chen Ping, stand out for me.” Watanabe Jun swept a glance at the crowd, then continued, “I am Watanabe Jun from the Watanabe Clan, and I have come here specifically to challenge Chen Ping.”

Chen Ping frowned, he did not expect this Watanabe clan fellow to choose a day like today to challenge himself, was this not a deliberate attempt to disgust himself?

“What kind of a thing are you? Hurry up and get out, a random cat or dog is also challenging Mr. Chen?”

At this moment, one of the guests stood up and cursed angrily at Watanabe Jun.

But that Watanabe Jun’s palm gripped at his katana, and the next thing he saw was a cold flash of light!

Brush …………

That guest didn’t even have time to react, only to see an extra bloodstain on his neck, and his body fell straight down!

And it was as if that Watanabe Jun had never drawn his sword before, so it was clear how fast this Watanabe Jun was!

When the crowd saw how brazenly Jun Watanabe had dared to kill, they all got up instantly!

Chen Ping, on the other hand, had a cold glint in his eyes and was about to strike!

But before Chen Ping could make his move, Zhu Hao had already leapt up.

“A mere island ronin, how dare you spill your guts here ……”

Zhu Hao’s body emitted a terrifying aura, instantly enveloping that Watanabe Jun.