A Man Like None Other Chapter 1707

But Chen Ping’s divine sense had just entered several people’s bodies when it was instantly cut off by an inexplicable force.

Several people were exactly the same, all with an inexplicable power within their bodies.

This caused Chen Ping’s brow to instantly furrow!

Looking at Chen Ping like that, Jiang Wei smiled lightly, “Brother Chen Ping, you are now the strongest one in this younger generation of ours, how about we take some time to spar with each other for a few moves?”

“Brother Jiang is joking, how can I be a match for Brother Jiang? Brother Jiang has defeated dozens of people in a single breath, and has long been a sensation in the martial arts world, I am just a clown in front of Brother Jiang.”

Chen Ping was very modest.

Chen Ping’s words were a bit of a surprise to Jiang Wei, after all, being young and vigorous, coupled with the extraordinary strength of one and all, of course he refused to admit that he was inferior to others!

But he did not expect that Chen Ping would put his stance so low, even lowering himself and comparing himself to a jumping clown.

With this approach, Jiang Wei was impressed by Chen Ping!

“Chen Ping, if you have such a low profile, how did you start a sect with great fanfare? You are the only one to start a sect at your age.”

“So there’s no need for you to be modest, we all know about your strength, and we came over here this time just to ask you for a few moves.”

“You won’t even give this face, will you?”

At this moment, Zhu Hao of the Southwest Zhu Family spoke up, and in an unkind tone!

Chen Ping’s face faintly stared, but he still smiled and said, “If Brother Zhu wants to ask for advice, of course I’ll be happy to accompany you, just not today.”

“Alright then, name a time and I’ll see you at the martial arts arena.”

Zhu Hao looked as if he couldn’t wait.

But just as Chen Ping was about to open his mouth, it suddenly came from outside the door, “Martial Dao Alliance, Ning Zhining Alliance Master has arrived.”

As soon as they heard that the Martial Dao Alliance had arrived, everyone had a surprised look on their faces!

Who didn’t know that the Martial Dao Alliance had always been a deadly rival to Chen Ping!

How could it suddenly come to congratulate Chen Ping?

Or maybe it had come to look for trouble?

Chen Ping’s face turned gloomy at the moment, while Long Xingxu immediately ordered his men to stand by!

If the Martial Alliance was here to look for trouble, then let’s fight!

Soon, Ning Zhi followed a young man in casual attire and slowly walked in.

But looking at the standing position, that Ning Zhi was behind that young man, just like an attendant.

“Ning Zhi, what are you doing here? Are you here to look for trouble?” Chen Ping looked at Ning Zhi coldly, “If you dare to look for trouble today, I will let your godly form perish.”

Ning Zhi was just about to open his mouth, but he was stopped by the young man.

“You’re Chen Ping, aren’t you? My name is Nie Cheng and I am now the alliance leader of the Martial Alliance, and since Ning Zhi is not up to the task, I am taking over for him.”

“I know that Mr. Chen has some misunderstandings with the Martial Dao Alliance, so I’ve come here specifically to turn the ties with Mr. Chen into peace, and to congratulate Mr. Chen on creating a sect at a young age.”

“I have a gift here, which is not a token of respect.”

Nie Cheng finished speaking, then waved his hand, and Ning Zhi extremely reluctantly handed over the vajra he was holding.

“This Martial Saint Artifact is our Martial Dao Alliance’s congratulatory gift, no respect at all.”

Nie Cheng said with a faint smile on his face.

When the crowd saw that the Martial Dao Alliance had actually given out the Martial Saint Artifact as a gift, they all drew in a cold breath, while some of them had glowing eyes and were envious!

Chen Ping was also a little surprised, but he reached out and took the Martial Sacred Artefact!

When the Vajra arrived in his hand, Chen Ping instantly injected a surge of spiritual energy into the Vajra, and a cold smile soon appeared on his face.

“If my guess is right, I’m afraid that this Vajra will not be used more than a few times, right?”

Chen Ping did not believe that the Martial Alliance would be so kind!

It turned out that there was very little Martial Saint power left within this Vajra Pestle, and it was about to shatter.

It was important to know that Martial Saint weapons also had restrictions on their use, it wasn’t like having a Martial Saint weapon, then it was the same as having a Martial Saint expert by your side.