A Man Like None Other Chapter 1705

“Brother Chen Ping, congratulations, congratulations ah ……”

Seeing Chen Ping follow Ge Jiayi out, Jiang Wei stepped forward and said with a slight smile.

“Same happiness, same happiness ……”

Chen Ping looked at Jiang Wei, slightly embarra*sed, because he didn’t even know Jiang Wei, nor did he know who the other party was!

“He is Jiang Wei of the Jiang family in the northwest.”

Ge Jiayi introduced him to Chen Ping.

As soon as Chen Ping heard this, it dawned on him, “So it’s Brother Jiang, I’ve heard a lot about you ……”

“Haha, Brother Chen Ping has overstated his case, you are now unknown throughout the martial arts world.”

Jiang Wei laughed and then pointed to some people behind him and said, “Brother Chen Ping, let me introduce you.”

“This is Zhu Hao from the Zhu family in the southwest.”

“This is Qiao Zhiyong of the Northeast Qiao Family.”

“This is Hong Qianjiu from the Hong family in East China.”

“We have all admired your great name and have come all the way from thousands of miles to come here.”

Jiang Wei introduced Chen Ping, while Chen Ping politely followed the crowd and greeted them!

Only these people had somewhat cold expressions and only nodded slightly before finally walking in!

Chen Ping didn’t bother, but ordered the people to be entertained while he continued to welcome the guests at the door!

“Chen Ping, beware, these guys are all ready to step on you to get to the top and want to make a name for themselves, through you.”

Ge Chia-Yi warned at Chen Ping.

“It doesn’t matter, these people are only Great Martial Marquis strength, if we really want to compete, I’m not afraid of them.”

“It’s not certain who will be stepping on who by then.”

Chen Ping laughed indifferently!

“I just like your confident look, don’t worry about it, our Ge family will always be on your side, after all, we are family.”

Ge Jiayi said with great bravado.

Chen Ping could only smile helplessly, not knowing what to say.

Just then, outside the door suddenly shouted, “Red Lotus Palace, Ji Ru Xue has arrived ……”

When Chen Ping heard this name, his body suddenly trembled slightly!

He did not expect that Ji Ru Xue would come as well.

Ge Jiayi saw the difference in Chen Ping’s appearance and immediately smiled playfully, “Is it a fling that you owe and are being sought out.”

“Don’t talk nonsense ……”

Chen Ping glared at Ge Jiayi, and then hurriedly went out to greet her!

Only to see Ji Ru Xue wearing a white dress and exuding a fresh and uncomplicated aura, slowly walking in, followed by Xiao Min and several palace maids from the Red Lotus Palace behind her!

This sudden appearance of a beautiful woman instantly attracted the attention of many guests, all of whom looked over!

“Miss Ji, I really didn’t expect you to come.”

Chen Ping stepped forward and looked at Ji Ruxue in front of him with a somewhat indescribably complex expression on his face!

“Mr. Chen, of course I have to come to congratulate you on such a big event.”

Ji Ru Xue smiled faintly, and between her knitted brows and smiles, there was a great deal of style ……

“Please come in quickly ……”

Chen Ping didn’t know what to say after Ji Ru Xue, after all, the two hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

“Yes, please come in quickly ……”

Ge Jiayi surprisingly came forward at this time and gently took Ji Ruxue’s arm and said.

Ji Ru Xue was slightly stunned, then glanced at Chen Ping, wanting Chen Ping to introduce her.

However, before Chen Ping could say anything, Ge Jiayi spoke up herself, “Sister, I am Chen Ping’s girlfriend, my name is Ge Jiayi.”

Upon hearing that she was Chen Ping’s girlfriend, Ji Ruxue smiled slightly and said, “Hello sister Jiayi, my name is Ji Ruxue and I am a friend of Mr. Chen.”

“I know sister, Chen Ping often talks about you, what friend or not, maybe we will all be family in the future.”

“Sister, come with me, I want to have a good lesson with you on how you maintain your skin and body so well.”

Ge Jiayi was kind of a familiar face, although that phrase, family, made Ji Ruxue blush slightly, but for Ge Jiayi, Ji Ruxue was very fond of her!