A Man Like None Other Chapter 1704

The next day!

The entire Dragon Family became the talk of the martial arts world, because from now on, the Dragon Family changed to become exactly that, the Dragon Clan!

The Dragon Family also became a sect from a family, so that more disciples could be recruited!

Long Xingxu was very capable and had decorated the whole venue in a very luxurious way, and had also gathered thousands of newly recruited disciples together.

This was also to showcase the strength of the Dragon Sect to the major sects and families!

“Brother Chen Ping, today the Dragon Sect is officially established, I have a gift for you ……”

Long Xingxu said mysteriously.

“What gift?”

Chen Ping asked in surprise.

“You come with me, you’ll know when you see it ……”

Long Xingxu led Chen Ping to a square, which had been specially expanded for the establishment of the Dragon Sect.

On top of the square, a towering sculpture loomed in the middle!

With a wave of Long Xingxu’s hand, a large red cloth that covered the sculpture was slowly pulled down!

When the red bag was pulled down, Chen Ping was instantly given a freeze.

Because the statue was actually himself!

The statue was so vividly carved that it looked exactly like Chen Ping!

“When did you get this thing?”

Chen Ping asked in amazement.

“I’ve been working on it for a long time, to surprise you ……”

Long Xingxu laughed.

Chen Ping smiled and patted Long Xingxu’s shoulder, “Have a heart ……”

Chen Ping felt that this guy, Long Xingxu, did have some brains, only that Long Jingguo had suppressed him too hard in the past, so he simply could not bring it into play.

Nearly noon, people began to carry gifts to congratulate!

For his part, Chen Ping greeted them one by one, with a humble attitude!

In just over half an hour, dozens of families from the Kyoto martial arts community came to congratulate Chen Ping.

Such a gesture was something that no other clan and family had ever seen before.

“The Ge family head has arrived ……”

At this moment, a shout came from outside the door, and Chen Ping hurriedly welcomed him out!

“Master Ge ……” Chen Ping arched his hand!

“Mr. Chen, congratulations! ……”

Ge Fuhai hurriedly handed over the gift!

“Master of the Ge family, please come inside ……” Chen Ping sidled up and gave way.

At this time, Ge Chia-Yi then spoke up, “Chen Ping, my father has sent a gift, I haven’t sent it yet, I want to send it too ……”

Ge Jiayi said, surprisingly waving her hand, a face van drove in!

Only to see that all on it were some rare cultivation resources, including some vintage medicinal herbs and so on ……

Chen Ping was dumbfounded, where could one get a gift like this?

Ge Fuhai looked at Chen Ping and said with a smile, “Mr. Chen, this child, Jia Yi, has emptied our Ge family’s treasury ……”

When Chen Ping heard this, he smiled helplessly, “Miss Ge, please come in, you’re too polite ……”

“I’m not being polite, I’m just moving, I’ll be coming here and living with you in the future anyway!”

Ge Jiayi said without squirming.

This really made Chen Ping speechless for a while!

Fortunately, at this time, the door shouted again, “Jiang Wei of the Northwest Jiang Family has arrived ……”

“Zhu Yuhao of the Zhu family in the southwest arrives ……”

“Northeast Qiao family Qiao Zhiyong arrives ……”

“East China Hong Family Hong Qianjiu arrives ……”


This sudden scene made Chen Ping and many other guests all confused!

The reason was that these people had just shouted were all recently emerged families, and they were all highly powerful!

Especially Jiang Wei, who had defeated dozens of people in a single breath and had become famous for a while.

Chen Ping was also puzzled, not understanding how these people could suddenly appear.

He didn’t have any friendship with these people either.

“Mr. Chen, these people are not good people, you should be careful ……”

Ge Fuhai leaned close to Chen Ping and warned in a low voice.

Chen Ping instantly understood, so he nodded and then went out to greet them.

After all, the visitor was a guest, so Chen Ping couldn’t possibly throw people outwards!

Seeing this, Ge Jiayi also followed behind Chen Ping and walked out together.