A Man Like None Other Chapter 1702

Ge Yuhan shook his head, “I can’t, this heaven and earth’s spiritual energy is thin, and there is also as if there is a forbidden force between heaven and earth in this netherworld that is hindering the growth of immortal cultivators’ strength, what exactly is the forbidden force, I can’t say, anyway, it feels like something is restricting it.”

“A forbidden force?” Chen Ping was dumbfounded for a moment, and then thought of the time on Penglai Island, when the forbidden power was also set on top of the entire island, so no matter how much the people on the island cultivated, it was impossible for them to reach a higher level of strength!

At this moment, a bold thought actually came to Chen Ping’s mind.

“Could it be that someone has set up a forbidden power throughout the Earth to control the development of immortal cultivators?”

Chen Ping thought of this and felt ridiculous himself!

Who would be that capable of setting up forbidden powers throughout the Earth, that would be impossible!

“Let’s go, I’m showing you around ……”

Chen Ping sighed helplessly, originally he thought that with Ge Yuhan recovered and a Martial Saint expert by his side, then he would be almost invincible.

But I didn’t want Ge Yuhan’s strength to be restricted, and now she can only play to the strength of the fifth grade of Great Martial Marquis!

Just as Chen Ping was following Ge Yuhan around, suddenly two fragrances came and instantly entered Chen Ping’s nose!

Upon smelling the fragrances, Chen Ping only felt his mind dizzy, followed by a surge of hot blood, and his whole body started to get hot!

Chen Ping hurriedly looked back and found that it was Gu Ling’er and the girls.

And that Wu Mei’er and Xiao Lan were also among them!

Seeing these two people, Chen Ping instantly understood and was about to speak when he saw Ge Yuhan’s face change at the side, “How dare you demon girl, how dare you use the charm technique in broad daylight ……”

Ge Yuhan did not know Wu Mei’er and Xiao Lan, and when she saw the two using the charm technique on Chen Ping, she was furious and attacked towards them!

Wu Mei’er and Xiao Lan also did not show weakness and said to Ge Yuhan, “You little vixen, seducing other people’s boyfriends, you’re the demon girl ……”

Soon, the three people actually fought in the street, because it was located in the downtown area, none of the three people dared to use their full strength!

Otherwise the landslide would kill and injure many people, and that is officially not allowed.

Because of this, Ge Yuhan’s strength was limited and she followed Wu Mei’er and Xiao Lan in a fight, but it was hard to tell the difference!

Many people who were watching the action gathered around, one after another, pointing and pointing.

At this moment, Chen Ping couldn’t have been more embarra*sed!

“Okay, okay, don’t fight anymore ……”

“Don’t be fighting anymore ……”

Chen Ping had no choice but to step forward and step in to separate a few people!

“Alright, this is a misunderstanding, let’s go back and talk ……”

Chen Ping didn’t have to say anything, he pulled a few people and went back!

Although very quickly, Chen Ping pulled a few people back, it was still filmed by others and spread on the internet!

At this moment, on the martial arts forum!

There were discussions everywhere about a few women fighting for Chen Ping.

This made Chen Ping laugh and cry, but the women were reasonable, and after Chen Ping explained, they made up!

At that time, Ge Yuhan also fought to protect Chen Ping, and Wu Mei’er and Xiao Lan didn’t blame her!

Chen Ping had a helpless face and sat alone on the balcony smoking!

When faced with a powerful enemy, Chen Ping could find a way to deal with it!

But when faced with so many women, Chen Ping really didn’t know how to deal with them!

“The Lord of the Dragon Sect would worry about women ……”

At this moment, Long Wu walked over to Chen Ping and sat down next to him.

“Uncle Long!” Chen Ping lit a cigarette for Long Wu: “Ai, I really don’t know what to do.”

“You don’t have to do anything, I believe in those girls, they will handle each other on their own, women shouldn’t be the source of your worries, you need to use your energy on other things ……”

Long Wu advised Chen Ping.

Chen Ping nodded, the sadness on his face cleared away!