A Man Like None Other Chapter 1698

The recruitment of disciples was steadily going on, while the official change of face of the Dragon Sect was scheduled for three days later!

The martial arts community of Kyoto and even many other places were invited.

A Grand Martial Marquis in his twenties, such a realm was enough to make many people in the martial arts world envious!

If someone is envious, someone will be jealous!

Likewise there would be people who would think of ways to flatter Chen Ping!

The entire martial arts world had begun to boil over because of the Dragon Sect, but within the Kyoto Martial Arts Union, Ning Zhi’s face was becoming increasingly ugly!

Ning Zhi couldn’t understand how Chen Ping had grown up step by step.

The original Chen Ping a year ago was no sh*t.

He could have been crushed with a single finger!

But in just a year’s time, such a big change had taken place?

Ning Zhi was somewhat unable to accept it, but he couldn’t help it!

This is the truth!

“Ai, I hope that this Chen Ping opening a sect will attract the attention of the great powers and send the black and silver robes to deal with him ……”

Ning Zhi sighed.

He felt like he had worked hard enough and was definitely smart enough, but he just couldn’t understand why he couldn’t match Chen Ping!

Right now, in the entire Kyoto martial arts world, the only one who could reach Grand Martial Marquis at a young age, aside from Chen Ping, was him.

There was also a Long Xiao, who had already become a dead soul!

“You have a Martial Saint Artifact in your hand, and you’ve even been suppressed by that Chen Ping’s fighting spirit, so it seems that your cultivation won’t improve much after all ……”

The soul inside Ning Zhi said, slightly disappointed.

“What can I …… do about it? With the Martial Saint Artifact in my hand, I wasn’t even able to kill that Chen Ping!”

“That woman beside Chen Ping is just too perverse, the Martial Saint Artifact couldn’t even hurt her in the slightest.”

Ning Zhi said with a dejected expression!

“It seems that your position as Alliance Master has dragged down your cultivation, I think you should dive into your cultivation and not worry about the affairs of the Martial Alliance.”

The spirit spoke to Ning Zhi persuasively!

Ning Zhi let out a bitter smile, “Why wouldn’t I want to, without strength, even if I were to sit in this position of Alliance Master, it would be like sitting on pins and needles!”

Ning Zhi had long since given up, Chen Ping was now in the ascendancy, and had created the Dragon Sect!

How many other sects and families in the martial arts world of Kyoto would listen to the Alliance?

The Martial Arts Alliance’s prestige had long since fallen.

At this moment, a black mist suddenly blew past and a man dressed in black robes appeared in the hall of the Martial Alliance!

Ning Zhi fixed his eyes and noticed that the other party’s mark entered in silver, so he immediately knelt down and said, “My subordinate pays respects to His Holiness in black and silver robes!”

The other party merely gave Ning Zhi a contemptuous glance, “The Great Power is very displeased with your recent performance, and has purposely asked me to take over your position.

The black and silver robe said coldly.

When Ning Zhi heard this, he was instantly wildly happy in his heart, he just didn’t want to be this Martial Alliance Alliance Master anymore!

“My subordinate is incompetent, and I am ashamed of the great power’s esteem!”

Ning Zhi said hastily.

“Humph!” The black and silver robe snorted coldly, then with a wave of his hand, the black robe covering his body instantly disappeared!

A face that was only in his twenties with a fair face revealed itself!

When Ning Zhi saw this, his entire body immediately sucked in a cold breath, for they were all covered in black robes, and Ning Zhi had never thought that there would be someone so young in the Black Silver Robe!

This man in front of him looked a few years younger than Ning Zhi, but his strength was no longer comparable to Ning Zhi’s!

At this moment, Ning Zhi was once again deeply devastated!

“Is that Chen Ping holding the clan ceremony in three days?”

Black Silver Robe asked.

“Yes ………”

Ning Zhi nodded, facing the black silver robe who was even younger than himself, Ning Zhi had mixed feelings in his heart!

“Prepare a generous gift and follow me to the Dragon Gate in three days ……”

The black silver robe said indifferently.

“Your Holiness, we are with that Chen Ping …………”

Before Ning Zhi could finish his sentence, he was slapped hard on the face by the other party!

“Did you not hear my words?” The black silver robe glared at that Ning Zhi.

“My subordinate does not dare!”

Ning Zhi lowered his head and didn’t dare to say a word.