A Man Like None Other Chapter 1697

It was the same as if Chen Ping had opened two companies all by himself, so of course people would give priority to themselves.

As soon as the news of Chen Ping’s establishment of a sect was released, many sects and families began to congratulate each other!

The Bai family, the Dong family, the Ge family, the Shadowless Villa and the Valley of the Wicked in Kyoto all congratulated each other.

Originally, Zhao Liguo and the Four Villains wanted to join the Dragon Sect, but they were rejected by Chen Ping!

They all belonged to the Heavenly Dragon Hall, Chen Ping was now the Hall Master yes, and these people all listened to him.

However, the Heavenly Dragon Hall was ultimately not part of the sect that Chen Ping himself had established, and although it was possible that this Heavenly Dragon Hall had been created by his own father to pave the way for himself, Chen Ping did not want to sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Chen Ping wanted to create something through his own efforts. If he could meet his father one day, he hoped that his father would be proud to have a son like him!

And the identity of Chen Ping’s Heavenly Dragon Hall Master was also a secret, which could be used as Chen Ping’s killer weapon.

Early the next morning, inside the Kyoto Protector’s Pavilion, Mr Shi was sitting in the hall very early!

“Mr. Shi, why are you so early today?”

Xing Jun asked.

“Waiting for someone!” Mr Shi said with a faint smile.

“Waiting for that Chen Ping?”

Xing Jun guessed.

“Yes!” Mr. Shi nodded.

“This Chen Ping, he’s really getting bigger and bigger, he’s even going to start a sect, creating some kind of Dragon Sect, I heard that thousands of people signed up to join the Dragon Sect in the martial arts forum yesterday.”

“This kid might have made the biggest sect in the Kyoto martial arts world!”

Xing Jun said with a slight surprise.

“Young man, having the drive to break through is something that should be supported, but a person with strength, following leading a sect to develop is not at all the same concept, I hope that in addition to improving his own strength, he can also improve the strength of the sect ……”

Mr. Shi knew that a person who had the ability to fight alone, followed by being an outstanding leader, was completely different.

After Mr. Shi finished, he then looked at Xing Jun and asked, “How is the matter of the island mission?”

“It has arrived at the port, and it will arrive in Kyoto in two more days!”

Xing Jun replied.

“En, remember to monitor closely, never let one of them, before they enter Kyoto, leave your sight!”

Mr. Shi ordered.

“Understood!” Xing Jun nodded!

At this moment, Zhao Wuji walked in and said to Mr. Shi, “Mr. Shi, Mr. Chen Ping Chen is here!”

“En, let him in!” Mr Shi nodded his head!

Zhao Wuji then walked out.

Ever since Mr. Shi had chosen to work in the Protector’s Pavilion, Zhao Wuji, the Pavilion Master, had become an errand boy.

Soon, Chen Ping walked into the hall, and after seeing Mr. Shi, he slightly saluted, “Greetings to Mr. Shi ……”

Mr. Shi had a faint smile on his lips, “Since when did you become so polite? Is there something you want from me?”

Chen Ping smiled, then nodded, “I want to establish a sect, so I need to report here with Mr. Shi.”

“Xing Jun, go and bring the formalities to him ……” Mr. Shi finished speaking to Xing Jun before looking at Chen Ping once again, “I’ve done the formalities for you, so just let go and go ahead, but I have to warn you, leading a sect can be far more difficult than you think.”

“Thank you Mr Shi for reminding me, but I have confidence!”

Chen Ping had the confidence to carry the Dragon Sect forward!

Soon, Xing Jun fetched the formalities and gave them to Chen Ping, who didn’t stay long and went straight back to the Dragon Family!

Now was the time for the Dragon Sect to be prepared, so many things had to be taken care of!

With the formalities in place, the Dragon Sect could officially recruit disciples, and for a while the gates of the Dragon Family were crowded.

Long Xingxu led the screening process, and if there were people with vices, they were rejected straight away.

It won’t look at how strong you are!