A Man Like None Other Chapter 2831

Hearing the old man ask, the few people in So Sing Moon were at a loss for words!

How to announce it now?

If the results were announced as invalid, then Meng He would definitely use the issue to his advantage and then say that Jia Ling County was not fair and rigorous and that even the results given by the judges did not count!

But if the results were announced as valid and Meng He came first, it would be too unfair to Chen Ping, whose God Condensing Pill was many times stronger than Meng He’s!

Everyone was caught in a dilemma, while Meng He was still flashing the crowd and constantly shouting!

At this moment, Liu Ruyan stepped forward and said, “Elder Suo, I have an idea, I don’t know if it’s possible?”

“Please speak ……”

Suo Xingyue hurriedly said!

That old man also came over to listen and see what Liu Ruyan had to say!

“Since the judge has already announced the result of this one, it’s ruled that Meng He is victorious!”

“But we can add a match to the competition, this one is not the final ruling match, just add a match to it.”

“The number of matches and the rules of the competition are all up to the Jialing County Pill Master Association anyway, even if that Meng He has an opinion, it’s useless!”

Liu Ruyan spelled out her solution!

“This is a good idea, this will ensure the prestige of the judges and also prevent this Pill Master Association competition from being unfair!”

The old man nodded his head!

Suo Xingyue also nodded repeatedly and said “This is a good idea, so let’s add an additional competition.”

“Master, how can you just change the rules, it’s not fair.”

“The rules have been set for a long time, now you are suddenly increasing the number of matches, isn’t that cheating?”

She was looking forward to Meng He getting first place and the two of them flying together!

“Shut up, I will definitely find out what happened this time, if it is true that you have joined hands with Meng He to make things worse, I will never forgive you this time.”

So Xing Yue said as she gave Zhu Zhu a vicious stare!

Zhu Zhu stopped talking, while the Third Elder said, “What is the content of our increased number of matches?”

Hearing the Third Elder ask this, everyone was silent, after all, it was a newly added competition, the content had not been thought of at all!

“I don’t care, let that Meng He say whatever he wants, he can compete with whatever he wants, I want him to know that he can never win by despicable means.”

Chen Ping said with a face full of confidence!

“Good, then let that Meng He say what he wants to compete against!”

The old man nodded, then turned around and returned to the referee’s table!

Immediately afterwards, he said loudly, “After a unanimous discussion among several of our judges, since the judges have given the result, then the result is valid, the winner of this match is Meng He ……”

When Meng He heard this, he jumped up with excitement and roared, “Hahahaha, I’m number one, I’m number one, I can meet the county princess of Jialing.”

“I’m so looking forward to it, what will this special reward be ……”

But just as Meng He was jumping with excitement, the old man spoke again “But this year, because of the special reward, this third competition is not the end, you still need to go through the fourth competition to be able to do so.”

As soon as the old man’s words left his mouth, Meng He instantly froze and then angrily roared, “How can there be a fourth race? There’s never been one before, are you deliberately playing a trick on me?”

The old man gave Meng He a cold look and said, “The rules of the Pill Master Competition are set by us in Jialing County, if any contestant does not approve, they can turn around and leave, we will not force them.”

“If you want to participate in the competition, then you have to abide by our rules, I hope you can understand.”

“Then wouldn’t I have won for nothing this time?” Meng He asked with great dissatisfaction!