A Man Like None Other Chapter 2830

Chen Ping didn’t bother with the pearl beads, but relied on the power of his vast divine sense to begin removing the poison from several of the elders of Suo Xing Yue and the others!

Soon, several of Suo Xingyue became conscious, though they couldn’t recall a single thing about the ruling they had just made!

The old man followed Suo Xingyue several people and then brought the God Condensing Pill that Chen Ping and Meng He had refined, and rechecked it for Suo Xingyue several people!

When they looked at them again, they were all shocked, as it was obvious that Chen Ping’s God Condensation Pill was a hundred times stronger than Meng He’s, but they didn’t know why they had chosen Meng He to win!

“How could this happen? I don’t even know what I’ve done now ……”

So Xing Yue said with a face full of shame!

As a referee, it was simply too humiliating to give such a result.

Several other Danyang Sect elders were also flushed with shame, not to mention embarrassed that they had misjudged what even a child could tell was high or low!

“Elder Suo, perhaps you should ask your disciple, Miss Zhu Zhu, she knows what’s going on.”

Chen Ping said to Suo Xingyue!

Upon hearing this, Suo Xingyue hurriedly looked at Zhu Zhu and said, “Zhu Zhu, tell me what is going on here. I remember that you were standing behind us.”

“Master, I don’t know what’s going on either, the judges chose the results yourselves.”

Zhu Zhu was still playing dumb up to this point!

Seeing this, Meng He continued to shout “I’ve won first place, why don’t you announce it quickly, do you want to cheat openly?”

Meng He shouted, causing many other people to become discontented, as it was obvious that Meng He’s God Condensation Pill was superior, after all, except for the old man, everyone else had chosen Meng He!

What was there to discuss with such a large margin, the results should have been announced straight away!

Looking at Meng He, who was shouting, and the agitated crowd, the old man could only say loudly, “Gentlemen, calm down, because several elders of the Danyang Sect have suddenly become unwell, the results of this examination may have to be nullified.”

“Why are they invalidated? If they are not feeling well, they will be invalidated? Did I force them to choose that result?”

“I don’t agree with the annulment, I must be declared first, and if you insist on annulling it, then I have to question the fairness of your county of Jialing.”

Meng He shouted, of course he didn’t want to annul it!

At this point, the scene was at an impasse, it was obvious that Suo Xing Yue and the others were being set up, but now that it had come to this point, they were in a dilemma!

It would be unfair to Chen Ping if Meng He was declared first!

But if they didn’t declare Meng He first and had to replay the competition, it would be a challenge to the authority of Jia Ling County!

“How on earth did we get counted?”

Suo Xing Yue couldn’t understand, they had never left the Pill Master’s Guild since they had checked in, and it was for the sake of fairness in the Pill Master’s Guild!

But even so, they were still being set up, and it was clear that this out-of-the-ordinary refereeing result was ironclad proof that they were being set up!

“Elder Suo, you can think back, perhaps there is something wrong with the tea we drank.”

“I was also experiencing the same symptoms that you guys are having now, only because my divine sense was so powerful that I directly wiped out that virus, so it was all right with each other.”

Chen Ping said to Elder Suo!

When Suo Xingyue heard this, she looked at Zhu Zhu angrily and said “Zhu Zhu, did you put something inside our tea?”

“Master, what are you saying? I don’t understand at all!”

Zhu Zhu pretended to be ignorant and shook her head!

Chen Ping looked at Zhu Zhu and knew that this fellow was incorrigible and had a hard mouth!

“You guys should stop pursuing the poisoning matter for now, how should we announce the results now?”

The old man said with a furrowed brow!

He didn’t know now if the result should be announced or not!