A Man Like No Other Chapter 347

It seems she has also heard of the Jiang family’s fame and has fear inside her!

Li Shouyi shook his head, “It’s not that easy, although that Jiang Zhengzhong gave us three days for the Protector Pavilion, but I know that he has already sent people to guard the various intersections of Hongcheng, he can’t trust our Protector Pavilion!”

“What about this …… this?” Su Yuqi panicked!

Gu Wentian, Ling Zhenchuan both had ugly faces as well, after all, Chen Ping had saved their lives, but now, they couldn’t help at all, a Wei family could not even put them in their eyes, let alone the Jiang family, they weren’t even qualified to speak after the Jiang family head.

If Gu Wentian hadn’t retired, he might have been able to say a few words to the Jiang family, but now the tea has long gone cold!

“I’ll go to the provincial city with you!” Chen Ping suddenly spoke up.

Everyone looked towards Chen Ping, Su Yuqi was even more anxious, “You can’t go, I won’t let you go, you moreover don’t know what kind of existence the Jiang family is!”

“Mr. Chen, the strength of the Jiang family is not comparable to that of the Wei family, that Wei family is able to flaunt its power in the provincial city, it is all because of the support of the Jiang family, the Wei family is at best a business family, while the Jiang family is a martial arts family, that Jiang Zhengzhong is even the strength of the Inner Strength Master, unfathomable, you can’t go!”

Gu Wentian still knew more about the Jiang family, so he advised Chen Ping.

Chen Ping smiled lightly, “The Wei family has been destroyed, I don’t mind destroying a Jiang family!”

“Young man, you are too crazy, haven’t you heard that the wind will destroy the woods when the woods are in the forest? The Jiang family has hundreds of years of roots, how can you destroy it just by saying so?”

Li Shouyi’s eyes flashed a bit of disdain.

At first, when he heard that Chen Ping had saved Gu Wentian and Ling Zhenchuan, Li Shouyi had some good feelings and admiration for Chen Ping!

However, Chen Ping’s words made him recoil, thinking that Chen Ping was too arrogant for his young age!

Chen Ping smiled coldly, “Whether or not I can destroy the Jiang family, time will tell!”

“Good, then let time prove it, since you have agreed to come back to the provincial city with us, then we will leave tomorrow, I can guarantee that no one will make a move against you on the way to the provincial city!”

Li Shouyi was originally still having a hard time, after all, Chen Ping had saved Gu Wentian and Ling Zhenchuan, now since Chen Ping was showing off his heroics on his own, Li Shouyi didn’t have to make things difficult.

“Good!” Chen Ping nodded his head!

This meal was easy for Chen Ping to eat, but Su Yuqi had no appetite and could not eat a single bite of rice. She wanted to persuade Chen Ping many times, but did not say anything, she knew Chen Ping’s nature, no one could be persuaded to do what he was determined to do.

After dinner, in order to prevent Chen Ping from escaping in the middle of the night, Li Shouyi asked Gu Ling’er to follow Chen Ping and Su Yuqi back home together, as Gu Ling’er was Su Yuqi’s cla*smate and friend, so it was not inconvenient to stay together, and it was only for one night!

Back at Pan Long Shan Villa, Su Yuqi’s mood had not been very good, and Gu Ling’er, in this capacity, did not know how to persuade Su Yuqi, the two did not speak to anyone, the atmosphere was somewhat depressing!

Chen Ping brewed two cups of coffee and then served it to Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er, the whole person was like nothing was wrong!

“Why are you sulking, it’s not like you’re parting from life or death, maybe I’ll be back after a few days in the provincial capital!”

Seeing that look on Su Yuqi’s face, Chen Ping said with a smile.

“Chen Ping, you really can’t listen to me for once, let’s not go to the provincial city, if we can’t, we’ll stay in Hongcheng, if the Jiang family comes to Hongcheng for trouble, we can still put up a fight, if you go to the provincial city, isn’t that a sheep into a tiger’s mouth?”

Su Yuqi said as she followed Chen Ping with a pleading face.

“Do you think I can still not go?”

Chen Ping smiled faintly and glanced at Gu Ling’er!