A Man Like No Other Chapter 338

In Yuncheng, Su Yuqi had not slept a wink, he was worried about Chen Ping!

Lin Tianhu had dispatched hundreds of people from Hongcheng to Yuncheng, and directly protected the hotel where Su Yuqi was staying, which scared the hotel owner half to death, thinking he had offended someone!

It was only when the sun slowly rose that Chen Ping drove back in his car, the front end of which had been deformed for a long time, and Su Yuqi’s heart clenched together when she saw that the car was about to be scrapped!

When Chen Ping got out of the car, Su Yuqi jumped on him straight away: “Chen Ping, are you alright? Aren’t you hurt?”

Su Yuqi asked with concern.

“I’m fine, a small Wei family, how could I possibly get hurt!” Chen Ping said with a faint smile.

At this moment, Gu Yuyao also got out of the car, seeing Su Yuqi and Chen Ping hugging each other, Gu Yuyao’s heart suddenly felt sour.

“Yuyao, you …… are you alright?”

When He Zhigang saw that Gu Yuyao had been saved, he hurriedly went forward and wanted to hold Gu Yuyao in his arms to comfort her.

Gu Yuyao pushed He Zhigang and did not let him hug herself, she just gave a cold look and said indifferently, “It’s alright!”

He Zhigang was stunned, not understanding why Gu Yuyao was so cold to herself?

“Sister Yuyao, thank you, thank you so much, it was you who saved me ……”

Su Yuqi then let go of Chen Ping and went forward to hug Gu Yuyao with a face full of gratitude!

“Silly girl, I’m your sister, of course I have to stand in front when there’s danger, and it should be my sister who thanks you ……”

Gu Yuyao smiled faintly, her eyes unconsciously glanced at Chen Ping!

Su Yuqi looked at Gu Yuyao with a puzzled face, not understanding what Gu Yuyao meant and why she was thanking herself.

Seeing Su Yuqi’s puzzled look, Gu Yuyao explained, “My sister wants to thank you for finding such an excellent boyfriend, otherwise my sister wouldn’t have been able to come back!”

Gu Yuyao said it in a joking tone, but her heart was true to her thoughts, Chen Ping’s appearance had finally made her know what kind of boyfriend she needed.

“Sister Yu Yao, don’t praise him so much, save him from fooling around again!”

Su Yuqi said with a smile!

Chen Ping and Gu Yuyao were both fine, so everyone was in a relaxed mood, and Su Yuqi’s words made a few people laugh along with her.

Chen Ping had been running around continuously for the past two days and was indeed a bit tired, so after a few simple words, Chen Ping went to rest, and the others had also stayed up all night, but now that they were all fine, they also went to bed without worry!

While Chen Ping and the others slept soundly, the provincial capital was in a mess!

The Wei family’s fire had instantly put the nerves of many families in the city on edge, and they were all waiting to see what would happen.

Don’t look at the time when Wei Kunan was around, they were all brothers and sisters, but now that he was gone, these people immediately turned into hungry wolves, ready to divide up the Wei family!

At this moment, the Wei family villa has been surrounded by hundreds of uniformed agents, and no one is allowed to enter the villa.

At this moment, a middle-aged man in plain clothes, with a Chinese face and furrowed brows, was covering his mouth and nose with a handkerchief to conceal the thick smell of blood!

This man was the provincial law protector pavilion master Li Shouyi, the entire provincial city’s security was guarded by the law protector pavilion, and now that such a big thing had happened, he, the law protector pavilion master, of course had to be there personally!

“Your Highness, after the count, there are forty-eight corpses in total, but they are all burnt and cannot be identified, so further screening is needed!”

A ponytailed, uniformed and very competent girl walked up to Li Shouyi and said respectfully.