A Man Like No Other Chapter 337

Chen Ping walked into the room, but Wei Tao hadn’t even noticed, still concentrating on his mobile phone!

Chen Ping walked up and directly snatched the phone out of Wei Tao’s hand and slammed it on the ground!

This startled Wei Tao and he jumped up hastily.

When he saw that it was Chen Ping who had appeared in his room, he was startled and instinctively tried to get out of bed and escape!

But as soon as his feet hit the ground, he collapsed with a poof, forgetting that one of his legs was already ruined!

“Chen …… Chen Ping, how did you …… you get in here?”

Wei Tao said with a frightened look on his face.

And Chen Ping didn’t pay any attention to him, while his eyes were drawn to a jade pendant on Wei Tao’s bed!

Chen Ping walked up and slowly picked up the jade pendant, which actually contained spiritual energy!

Chen Ping was overjoyed, he didn’t expect to have a surprise on this trip and get a treasure!

Putting the jade pendant into his pocket, Chen Ping then put his eyes on Wei Tao.

“Chen Ping, you …… take that jade pendant if you like it, and the things inside my room, take whatever you like, take it and hurry up, if my dad and my mum find out, you won’t be able to get away at all!”

Wei Tao knew that the important thing at this time was to coax Chen Ping away first, or else Chen Ping would have no ability to resist at all if he made a move on him.

“Your father, your mother?” A cold smile appeared on Chen Ping’s face as he reached out and picked Wei Tao up, then walked straight out!

Walking to the next room, Chen Ping threw Wei Tao out with one hand, “Your parents and your mother are all here, I’ll be generous today and let your family die together!”

Wei Tao looked at the corpses of his parents and his whole body was stunned!

“Chen Ping, don’t kill me, please bypa*s me, I’m willing to be one of your dogs from now on, I’m willing to give you the entire Wei family, bypa*s my life!”

Wei Tao cried out in pain and begged bitterly.

Looking at Wei Tao’s appearance, Chen Ping also lost interest in torturing him, picking up Wei Tao with one hand, and then swinging his other hand viciously towards Wei Tao!

Poof …………

Chen Ping’s fist instantly penetrated Wei Tao’s body, and Wei Tao’s eyes widened in disbelief as he looked down at his chest.

Chen Ping pulled his arm out and Wei Tao’s body fell heavily to the ground, blood instantly flowing out!

The body was simply rinsed off and then the whole villa was set alight.

Finally Chen Ping looked at Gu Yuyao and said, “Let’s go!”

Gu Yuyao nodded, but just as she took a step, Gu Yuyao’s body instantly lunged towards the front!

Looking at such a bloody scene, Gu Yuyao’s legs had long since gone weak and she couldn’t even walk!

Seeing this, Chen Ping could only pick up Gu Yuyao and walk towards the car!

Gu Yuyao’s hands were hooked around Chen Ping’s neck, the two of them were now in such a close relationship that Gu Yuyao’s heart was pounding and her face was flushed, while Chen Ping didn’t change much!

Gu Yuyao, who was in Chen Ping’s arms, quietly rooted her head towards Chen Ping’s arms, she felt particularly safe and comfortable in Chen Ping’s arms.

Stealing a glance at Chen Ping, Gu Yuyao’s face turned even redder, she actually found her mind changing, she even wished that Chen Ping wasn’t Su Yuqi’s boyfriend, but her own boyfriend, and that she was being held by her boyfriend like this!

Chen Ping didn’t know what was in Gu Yuyao’s mind, he put her in the car and rushed straight back to Yuncheng, Gu Yuyao in the car kept looking at Chen Ping with adoration in her eyes!

Soon after Chen Ping left, the Wei family’s fire burst into flames, directly burning the entire Wei family to the ground, and the Wei family’s fire disrupted the entire pattern of the provincial city.