A Man Like No Other Chapter 333

“Don’t worry, the person who can kill me hasn’t been born yet!”

Chen Ping smiled faintly towards Su Yuqi, and then looked at Lin Tianhu and said, “Transfer more brothers from the Gathering Hall over, don’t make any mistakes!”

“Understood!” Lin Tianhu nodded, and then went to make the call!

After comforting Su Yuqi a few times, Chen Ping left the hotel and prepared to go to the provincial capital to rescue Gu Yuyao!

After walking out of the hotel, the smile on Chen Ping’s face instantly disappeared and was replaced by an endless chill, the pedestrians pa*sing by on the road all suddenly felt the air instantly chill and couldn’t help but shiver!


The provincial city, Wei family!

Wei Tao looked at the woman Jiang Wenjie had brought back, and was somewhat in tears and laughter!

“Uncle, you’ve got the wrong woman, I don’t know this woman, it’s not Su Yuqi at all!”

Wei Tao said with a helpless face.

“Wrong arrest?” Jiang Wenjie was stunned and somewhat confused, “She herself said her name was Su Yuqi, how could she be caught wrong?”

Jiang Wenjie said, looking at Gu Yufei and said, “Say, what is your name?”

Gu Yufei’s body trembled slightly, she had long heard of the Wei family, but this was the first time she came to the Wei family, looking at the glorious mansion of the Wei family, and the bodyguards constantly shuttling inside the courtyard, Gu Yufei was afraid!

“I …… my name is Gu Yufei ……”

Gu Yufei said in a promising voice.

“D*mn it, you dare to lie to Laozi ……”

Jiang Wenjie was furious and gave Gu Yufei a fierce slap, which directly made the corner of Gu Yufei’s mouth bleed!

This Jiang Wenjie didn’t even have the slightest bit of pity for the jade!

“What should we do now? I’ll send her back and go and recapture that Su Yuqi!”

Jiang Wenjie asked as he looked at Wei Tao.

“Uncle, since I’ve captured her, don’t send her back again, I’ve been suffocating at home for the past few days, it’s just as well to let this woman keep me company!”

Wei Tao looked at the beautiful Gu Yufei, a lustful light flashed in his eyes!

“Xiao Tao, I can tell you, you have an injury, don’t fool around, in addition to pay attention to your body, if your mother finds out, she will have to scold me!”

Jiang Wenjie preached to Wei Tao with a solemn face!

“Uncle, don’t worry, we won’t tell my mother, right? I have my own rules, don’t worry about it!”

Wei Tao looked at Gu Yufei, who cares if he was injured or not, he couldn’t go out to play these days, he had already gone crazy!

“Take care of yourself, I’m going back then, call me if you need anything, I’ll make another trip to Yuncheng tomorrow!”

Jiang Wenjie said and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him by the way!

Wei Tao looked at Gu Yufei with a lecherous smile on his face, “Little beauty, you don’t need to be afraid, come and sit by my side, you just be good and obedient, I’ll send you back tomorrow, if you dare disobey me, I’ll directly ask those underlings outside to put you to sleep, those big old men of theirs won’t be as gentle as me!”

The only thing she could do now was to obey Wei Tao’s words!

With tears in her eyes, Gu Yufei walked a little towards Wei Tao and then sat down next to him!

Smelling Gu Yufei’s scent, and seeing Gu Yufei’s pitiful appearance, Wei Tao laughed out loud with joy.

This was the first time he had laughed so happily since he had been injured!

In the courtyard of the Wei family, the lights were already on, all of the Wei family’s bodyguards were patrolling non-stop, and the few experts Jiang Wenjie had brought with him were also left behind by Wei Kunan.

I don’t know why, but Wei Kun’an is always restless. Ever since Uncle Fu was killed last night and Chen Ping said he would rip his head off, Wei Kun’an has been a bit scared!

He was always afraid that if he wasn’t careful, Chen Ping would really come up to the Wei family and twist his head off!