A Man Like No Other Chapter 332

Just as he walked into the room, Chen Ping saw Lin Tianhu on the bed, his face was pale, his chest was sunken and he was covered in blood!

Hearing the sound, Lin Tianhu opened his eyes slightly, seeing that it was Chen Ping who had returned, Lin Tianhu fought to sit up, but his body couldn’t move at all!

“Don’t move, let me show you!”

Chen Ping stepped forward with one healthy step, one hand pressed on Lin Tianhu’s shoulder, while the other hand gently swept across Lin Tianhu’s chest!

At this moment, Chen Ping’s face was gloomy and frightening.

“Mr. Chen, my subordinate is incompetent and has …… caused Miss Su to be frightened!”

Lin Tianhu said with a face of shame.

“Alright, don’t say anything, the other party is an expert, you are no match for them!”

Chen Ping was able to judge the strength of the other party through his injuries, although Lin Tianhu’s injuries seemed to be in his eyes, but they were not fatal, but it was not that easy to recover, it was obvious that the other party did not want to kill Lin Tianhu, but they did not want to make it too easy for Lin Tianhu either!

As Chen Ping’s palm swept across Lin Tianhu’s chest, a stream of spiritual energy was sent inside Lin Tianhu’s body, Lin Tianhu immediately felt as if his whole body had been soaked in warm and soft hot water, it was very comfortable, and there was no pain at all.

Lin Tianhu’s broken ribs were also growing and healing rapidly under the spiritual energy, and Lin Tianhu’s sunken chest was now slowly recovering as before!

A few moments later, Chen Ping withdrew his hand, his forehead was faintly stained with sweat, this kind of broken bone regeneration required huge spiritual power, if Chen Ping hadn’t taken the Spirit Gathering Pill and his strength had broken through to the ninth level of Qi training, he was afraid that there was no way for Lin Tianhu to be healed at one time.

“Alright, you get up!”

After Chen Ping withdrew his hand, he exhaled heavily and sat down on a chair to the side, looking a little weak!

As soon as Lin Tianhu quite Chen Ping said that, he immediately rolled over and stood up from the bed, and then to his surprise, he found that his body was really not seriously hurt anymore, only that there were still some external wounds on his body, and blood was constantly flowing out, but these superficial wounds, to Lin Tianhu, were nothing at all!

“Thank you, Mr. Chen!” Lin Tianhu’s eyes were filled with gratitude as he looked at Chen Ping!

“Your body still needs to be toned right now, so don’t use martial arts for now, and when I refine a pill for you, your body will be fine!”

Chen Ping barked at Lin Tianhu!

“Got it!” Lin Tianhu nodded his head!

At this moment, He Zhigang’s mouth was so open that he could have swallowed an egg, such a serious injury had healed in a matter of moments?

What kind of immortal magic is this? Is this Chen Ping a god?

He Zhigang’s mind was thinking nonsense, but Chen Ping didn’t have time to pay attention to him, instead he asked Lin Tianhu, “What is going on, tell me clearly!”

Lin Tianhu told Chen Ping exactly what had happened, and when Chen Ping found out that it was the Wei family who had sent him, his fists clenched violently and the anger in his body grew even stronger!

“Chen Ping, you’re back?”

Just at that moment, Su Yuqi and Gu Yufei heard the commotion and came over from the room!

Seeing Su Yuqi’s pale face, Chen Ping felt a pang of heartache in his heart and hurriedly went forward to put his arm around Su Yuqi’s shoulders and said, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault for giving you a fright, I said I would never let you get hurt again and protect you forever, but I ……… …”

Su Yuqi hurriedly reached out to cover Chen Ping’s mouth, “I’m fine, you don’t need to blame yourself, I’m really fine, it’s just …… just Sister Yu Yao she ……”

“I know, Lin Tianhu has already spoken to me, I will definitely get her out!”

Chen Ping grabbed Su Yuqi’s hand and said with a determined face!

“But will you …… you be in danger?”

Su Yuqi was conflicted at this moment, she wanted Chen Ping to save Gu Yuyao, but she was also afraid that Chen Ping would be in danger.