A Man Like No Other Chapter 330

“Hmph, the underground emperor of Hongcheng is no better than that!” Jiang Wenjie snorted coldly!

Lin Tianhu fell to the ground, the intense pain filling his face with a grimace as he tried to get up, but he simply couldn’t use his strength anymore.

“You are Chen Ping?”

Jiang Wenjie asked as he took a step towards He Zhigang after knocking down Lin Tianhu.

He Zhigang had long been scared silly at this moment, he knew what strength Lin Tianhu had, and now he was even invalidated by the other party with a single punch, unable to crawl up, which scared He Zhigang to death.

Seeing He Zhigang scared like that, Jiang Wenjie frowned slightly, he had heard Wei Tao say that Chen Ping was very strong, how could he be scared like this at the first meeting?

If it was this wimpy look, he was afraid that it wouldn’t be his turn to strike, and the Wei family’s old butler, Uncle Fu, wouldn’t have died!

“You’re not Chen Ping?” Jiang Wenjie asked, once again puzzled.

“No …… not ……” He Zhigang shook his head desperately!

“Then where is Chen Ping?” Jiang Wenjie took two steps in towards He Zhigang, and the two were almost to the point of being face to face.

Jiang Wenjie’s eyes, which were tinged with murderous intent, looked directly at He Zhigang, scaring He Zhigang to death, not daring to follow Jiang Wenjie’s stare at all.

“I …… I don’t know, he …… he left Yuncheng!”

He Zhigang trembled and stuttered.

“Left?” Jiang Wenjie frowned slightly, then turned his head to look at Su Yuqi and the three girls, and asked in a cold voice, “You three, who is called Su Yuqi?”

The three girls’ eyes were filled with panic as they looked at Jiang Wenjie and none of them dared to speak!

In their hearts, they understood why Jiang Wenjie was looking for Su Yuqi!

“Don’t tell me, do you? If not, I’ll strip you three naked and throw you out on the street for everyone to see ……”

Jiang Wenjie’s eyes glared, the anger in his body blazed up!

Su Yuqi the three of them clinging together, trying to rely on each other to give themselves a little security, but now none of the three of them can give anyone any security!

“A big man, bullying girls is not what you are capable of, have the guts to come at me, come at me ……”

Lin Tianhu fell to the ground, looking at Su Yuqi and the girls in fear, with an angry face, he yelled!

Jiang Wenjie did not pay attention to that Lin Tianhu, but gave a wink towards a few of his men, a few of his men understood and went to Lin Tianhu, and punched and kicked him!

Seeing the miserable way Lin Tianhu was beaten, Su Yuqi and the three girls’ faces turned pale!

“I’m asking, which one of you is called Su Yuqi, I’ll only give you three seconds to think about it now, or I’ll take you all away!”

Jiang Wenjie scares Su Yuqi and the girls with a fierce look on his face and starts counting down!




At this moment, Su Yuqi gritted her teeth and wanted to step out, she didn’t want to drag Gu Yufei and Gu Yuyao down with her at this time!

But before Su Yuqi could say anything, Gu Yuyao stood out.

“I am, my name is Su Yuqi ……”

Gu Yuyao’s face still had fear on it, but her eyes were full of determination!

“Sister ……”

Su Yuqi didn’t expect that Gu Yuyao would stand out in her place!

Jiang Wenjie shot a glance at Gu Yuyao and smiled coldly, “No wonder Wei Tao has taken a fancy to you, you really are good looking!”

At this moment, when He Zhigang saw that Gu Yuyao had actually stood out, the whole person was shocked and opened his mouth to shout at Gu Yuyao, but was stopped by a look from Gu Yuyao!

He didn’t want Gu Yuyao to take any chances. Gu Yuyao was his girlfriend, so if she was taken away, he could imagine what would happen with his toes!

But looking at Gu Yuyao’s eyes, He Zhigang hesitated, but in the end, he couldn’t shout out!