A Man Like No Other Chapter 323

“Daoist Master Bu Xu couldn’t close his eyes in death, I tried to get him to close his eyes, but there was no way!”

Gu Wentian dared not look directly at Daoist Master Bu Xu, with a sad face!

Chen Ping slowly squatted down and gently stroked one hand on Daoist Master Bu Xu’s face, “Daoist Master Bu Xu, don’t worry, I will definitely avenge your death!”

When Chen Ping’s hand was removed, Daoist Master Bu Xu’s eyes were already closed.

Chen Ping got up and swept the hall, not seeing the bodies of the others, and asked, “Where is Daoist Master Bu Xu’s daughter Xiao Ru?”

Gu Wentian shook his head, but it was Ling Zhenchuan who spoke up, “I don’t know where it went, we cordoned off the scene after we got the news and rushed here, and there was no one else, the scene is what it is now, no one has moved!”

“What kind of people are they? They are so vicious, they even slaughtered the Taoist temple!”

Gu Wentian gritted his teeth and said.

A person had long flashed through Chen Ping’s mind at this point, but at this point there was no evidence either, so Chen Ping didn’t dare to comment!

“Ancient don’t worry, I have asked the criminal investigation department to investigate closely, I believe we will soon know who the murderer is!”

Ling Zhenchuan also said with a face of grief and anger.

“Mayor Ling, tell everyone to stop investigating this matter, there are some things that ordinary people simply can’t investigate, leave this matter to me!”

Chen Ping knew that this was definitely not the work of ordinary people!

Ling Zhenchuan was slightly stunned, and after giving Chen Ping a glance, he nodded: “Good, I’ll have all the people investigating withdraw!”

Just as Ling Zhenchuan finished his words, a cacophony of noises rang out from outside.

Chen Ping and the others hurriedly rushed out, and just as they reached the entrance of the Taoist temple, they saw a Daoist wearing a Taoist robe and soaked to the skin, Daoist Wu Wei was having a theory with the agents!

“Let him in ……”

Chen Ping shouted sternly!

A few agents froze, but after looking at Ling Zhenchuan beside Chen Ping, they obediently moved aside!

“Shifu, Shifu …………”

Daoist Wu Wei yelled in pain and rushed towards the inside of the Daoist temple!

Chen Ping looked at Daoist Wu Wei’s grief-stricken appearance and his heart sank!

Chen Ping and Gu Wentian followed him inside, while Ling Zhenchuan left some of the people behind to clean up the scene, the others were told to withdraw, and all of them were not allowed to tell what had happened today!

“Senior brother, senior brother …… you wake up, wake up ……”

In the main hall, Daoist Wu Wei hugged the corpse of Daoist Bu Xu and cried out in pain!

Chen Ping and the others stood silently at the side, no one spoke, any more comforting words at this time would be futile.

After crying for a long time, Daoist Wu Wei put down the corpse of Daoist Bu Xu, eyes flashing with killing intent, gritting his teeth and saying: “Extermination old man, I am at odds with you, if I do not kill you, I swear I will not be a human being ………… ”

The first time he heard Daoist Wu Wei mention the Daoist of Extermination, Chen Ping’s heart was also certain, just now he thought of this Daoist of Extermination, at that time killed that Liao Fei, took the Seven Star Disc, thought that the Daoist of Extermination will certainly not be good enough to rest, after all, such treasures as the Seven Star Disc, in the world rarely seen.

But Chen Ping did not expect that this Daoist of Extermination would be so cruel as to not go after himself, but to simply slaughter the entire Thundering Temple!

“Daoist Master Wu Wei, how did you know it was that Daoist of Extermination who did it?”

Gu Wentian asked, speaking carefully.

“It was my traitorous master brother who informed me, otherwise I wouldn’t have rushed here so quickly, we killed Liao Fei and my traitorous master brother compelled Daoist Exterminator to slaughter the entire Thunderclap Guild to avenge his disciple, afterwards he informed me to collect the corpse ……”

Daoist Wu Wei gritted his teeth, his eyes bursting with murderous energy, and said.

“Simply heartless, this is not something a monk can do!”

When Ling Zhenchuan heard this, he was also shocked.