A Man Like No Other Chapter 322

“Do you want me to go back with you?” Lin Tianhu asked.

“No, remember, make sure you protect Yu Qi, I don’t think the Wei family will be so easy to give up.”

Chen Ping said, grabbed his jacket and ran out!

The car was speeding along, the coldness in Chen Ping’s body was getting thicker and thicker, Xiao Ru was a rare ice crystal body, if she could step into the immortal cultivation world, her future strength must not be underestimated!

Only Chen Ping was not strong enough to introduce Xiao Ru into the Immortal Cultivation Realm, he could only transform her body so that she could benefit from it, that was why Chen Ping did not help Xiao Ru transform her body rashly, instead, he went to help Xiao Ru absorb the cold Qi from her body every once in a while!

After all, this kind of physique was too rare, but now that something had happened to Lei Ming Guan, Chen Ping began to worry about Xiao Ru’s safety. Now, although Xiao Ru was a body of ice crystals, the cold Qi of her body could not be controlled by herself at all, and she was no different from an ordinary girl, and if she encountered danger, she would not have the strength to fight at all!

Thinking of this, Chen Ping once again accelerated his speed, the car was like a cannonball, rushing towards the Thundering View!

When Chen Ping arrived at the foot of Thunder Mountain, it was already late at night, the sky was dark, without a single ray of light, very depressing, it looked like it was going to rain!

Chen Ping put the car at the foot of the mountain and swept towards the top of the mountain in a hurry.

Rumble …………

He had just run a short distance towards the top of the mountain when a thunderstorm suddenly rang out, followed by bean-sized raindrops falling down!

Chen Ping’s figure was not hindered by the rain, his body was wrapped in a faint layer of mist, the rain suddenly evaporated before it could fall on Chen Ping’s body, it couldn’t wet Chen Ping’s clothes at all!

When he reached the top of the mountain, Chen Ping saw a guard post on the road, someone had already set up a cordon.

Just as he reached the top of the mountain, Chen Ping was stunned by the strong smell of blood, which was still so strong in this heavy rain, so it was clear that many people must have died here!

Looking at the rain at his feet, it all turned red and then converged together, flowing down the mountain!

Outside the Thunderclap View, dozens of agents in mackintoshes were busy, and when they saw the sudden approach of Chen Ping, one of them immediately stopped him: “Who are you? You are not allowed to approach here!”

“All get out of the way!” At that moment, two figures hurriedly walked out from Thunderclap View!

These two people were Ling Zhenchuan and Gu Wentian!

Upon seeing Chen Ping, both of them respectfully shouted, “Mr. Chen …………”

The few agents who had stopped Chen Ping showed some consternation, seeing that Chen Ping was only in his early twenties, so young that he could make the head of a city, and the retired head of the provincial government so polite!

Chen Ping nodded slightly as a greeting, and then followed Gu Wentian and Ling Zhenchuan into the Thunderclap View!

Just as he walked into the Thunderclap View, he saw more than ten corpses lying around in the courtyard, all of them were Daoist children of the Thunderclap View, disciples of Daoist Master Bu Xu!

Most of them were known to Chen Ping, after all, when Chen Ping came to the Thunderclap Temple to absorb the cold qi for Xiao Ru, he also had encounters with these Daoist children!

Slowly squatting down, Chen Ping took a closer look at the wounds on the Daoist children’s bodies, all of them had been killed by crushing their throat bones.

“Where is Daoist Master Bu Xu?”

Chen Ping asked.

“Inside!” Gu Wentian said and hurriedly led Chen Ping into the Daoist temple’s main hall!

Just as he walked into the main hall, he saw Daoist Master Bu Xu collapsed on the floor of the main hall, his eyes wide open and his body long since stiffened.