A Man Like No Other Chapter 314

“No, don’t worry, businessmen don’t have friends and enemies, there are only interests, I pay for his herbs and he earns profits from them, how can this business not be done, not to mention that big customers like me are not that easy to come across!”

Chen Ping smiled lightly, not worried in the slightest!

“So …… then, are we still going to Tong Ren Tang?” He Zhigang asked carefully.

“Of course, why not go if we haven’t bought anything yet!”

Chen Ping nodded once, and after getting into the car, he headed straight to Tong Ren Tang!

At this moment, in the Tong Ren Tang, Zhou Zhi Qian was having a fit of rage!

“Outrageous, there is still someone in Yuncheng who dares to go against me, it really P*sses me off ……”

Zhou Zhiqian viciously slammed his cup on the ground!

“Master, do you want me to bring someone to intercept the thousand year old snow lotus back?”

A young man wearing a black suit with one ear missing on his left side said.

This man was Zhou Zhiqian’s beloved, when Zhou Zhiqian had fought and killed in Yuncheng in his early years, this youth had always followed him around, and now although Zhou Zhiqian had washed his hands of him, he hadn’t driven him away!

Zhou Zhiqian hesitated for a moment and said with a slight frown, “Remember to find an unoccupied place to do it, don’t let anyone fall on your sword!”

Zhou Zhiqian could not easily clear his name, if he was to be dropped in the mouth, it would be a bad influence.

But that thousand year old snow lotus he really liked, not that Zhou Zhiqian wanted to sell it back to earn the difference, but he wanted to use it as the treasure of the shop, his current treasure of the shop, to put it mildly, was a fake, not even a thousand years old, which is why Zhou Zhiqian would rather buy it at a premium!

“Master, don’t worry, after all these years, I know how to do it!”

The youth nodded his head and turned around ready to leave!

But just as he turned around, he could see Chen Ping and He Zhigang walking in with them, and couldn’t help but just stare!

Zhou Zhiqian was also surprised to see that Chen Ping even dared to come to his shop!

“Elder Zhou, I came over to complete our unfinished deal, business should be done in good faith, since I said I would buy Elder Zhou’s herbs, I wouldn’t leave halfway!”

Chen Ping looked at the surprised Zhou Zhiqian and said with a faint smile!

“Honesty-based?” Zhou Zhiqian snorted coldly, “You took away my Thousand Year Snow Lotus, I didn’t expect you to still dare to come to my shop, it seems that you really don’t take me seriously!”

“How can you say that, Elder Zhou? I bought this Thousand Year Snow Lotus with my own money, how can I say that I took it from you?”

Chen Ping pretended to look puzzled.

“Kid, don’t f*cking pretend, leave the Thousand Year Snow Lotus and you can be spared death and get out of Cloud City, or leave your lives behind!”

The youth with one ear missing said to Chen Ping with a cold expression on his face.

As the youth’s words fell, a dozen people instantly blocked the direction of the entrance, and the doors slowly closed!

At this moment, He Zhigang and Gu Yufei and the others all turned pale with fear, and Su Yuqi was even clutching Chen Ping’s arm to death!

“Elder Zhou, have a good talk, this …………”

“Get lost, this is none of your business here!”

He Zhigang wanted to make peace from this, but who knew that just as he opened his mouth, he was scolded back by Zhou Zhiqian, making a face of embarra*sment!

“Are you guys planning to rob openly?”

Chen Ping still had a few smiles on his face, not the slightest bit of fear!

“Kid, you are quite a character, still laughing at this point, what I admire most in Zhou Zhiqian is someone like you, how about you leave the Thousand Year Snow Lotus behind and I will give you three hundred million, and not let you lose too much?”

When Zhou Zhiqian saw that Chen Ping was fearless and had a calm face, he was a bit hairy in his heart, fearing that there was some kind of power behind Chen Ping, after all, such a young man, who could dispose of several hundred million at will, must not be an ordinary person!

So Zhou Zhiqian planned to take a step back and spend the money to buy the thousand year old snow lotus over, this was also a way to give Chen Ping a step down!