A Man Like No Other Chapter 310

“Elder Zhou, I’ll give you ten million dollars a plant for these five hundred-year-old herbs, so you can earn quite a lot too!”

Chen Ping followed Zhou Zhiqian and said.

“What? Ten million dollars a plant?” Zhou Zhiqian immediately raised his voice: “Are you treating my medicinal herbs as inferior? You don’t look like a herb buyer to me, more like a troublemaker, you dare to treat my herbs as inferior without even looking at them?”

“I don’t need to look, you know better than I do whether they are inferior or not, you need to do business with integrity so that they can last.

Chen Ping looked at Zhou Zhiqian without the slightest fear!

Zhou Zhiqian didn’t say anything, staring at Chen Ping with a deadly stare, his face a bit unpleasant!

“Elder Zhou, this brother of mine can tell the quality of herbs without looking at them, or else I’ll take a look and give my brother an eyeful!”

He Zhiqiang saw that Zhou Zhiqian was a little angry, so he hurriedly said in peace!

Zhou Zhiqian waved his hand, “No need, today I’ve seen it all, indeed a hero is a young man, 10 million a plant is sold to you!”

Zhou Zhiqian did not let He Zhigang look at it, with He Zhigang’s eyesight, he would naturally be able to tell the quality of the herbs at a glance.

Chen Ping didn’t make any fuss either, he directly transferred the money to Zhou Zhiqian, which made Zhou Zhiqian start to look at Chen Ping in a different light!

“I still have some hundred-year-old herbs here, I’ll have someone bring them up!”

When Zhou Zhiqian finished speaking, he waved his hand and a subordinate went to get the herbs.

A few people then waited in the backyard with their tea.

“General He, do you know that someone in Hongcheng is selling an elixir recently?”

Sipping his tea, Zhou Zhiqian followed He Zhigang and chatted idly.

“An elixir?” He Zhigang shook his head, “I don’t know!”

“This kind of elixir can strengthen the body and prolong life, I took one myself and the effect was really good, but I sent my men to study it carefully for half a day, but I just couldn’t analyse the ingredients of the elixir and there was no way to imitate it!”

Zhou Zhiqian said with a helpless face.

“Is there still such a high level person in Hongcheng?” He Zhigang looked a little surprised!

If it was possible to say that the medicine could not be imitated, this was possible, but not being able to analyse the ingredients, this was unbelievable!

“I was planning to make a trip to Hongcheng some time later to meet this high achiever, if I could take this person under my wing, it would be great!”

Zhou Zhiqian’s eyes flashed with anticipation, if such a person could be put at his disposal, it would be a constant source of wealth!

Looking at Zhou Zhiqian, Chen Ping smiled faintly, while Lin Tianhu also looked at Chen Ping and smiled without saying anything!

This superior man was right in front of them, but they didn’t know it!

Just then, a subordinate hurriedly walked in, and then whispered two words in Zhou Zhiqian’s ear, and excitement instantly flashed across Zhou Zhiqian’s face.

“Alright, you go down!” Zhou Zhiqian waved his hand for his men to leave, and then said to Chen Ping and He Zhigang with a slight apology, “Sorry, I suddenly have some things to do, about the medicinal materials, we will talk about it this afternoon, I promise to save it for you!”

Seeing that Zhou Zhiqian said this, Chen Ping and the others couldn’t just stick around, so they got up and said goodbye!

“This Zhou Zhiqian, what can be the hurry if he’s not doing such a big business?”

Walking out of Tong Ren Tang, He Zhigang said with a sense of wonder.

Just as he finished speaking, He Zhigang’s mobile phone suddenly rang and a message came!

When He Zhigang finished reading it, he immediately exclaimed, “A thousand year old snow lotus has appeared at the auction, there hasn’t been a snow lotus in Yuncheng for many years, and this time it’s even a thousand year old snow lotus!”

“An auction?” Chen Ping was filled with confusion!

After He Zhigang’s explanation, Chen Ping realized that the auction was mainly for some medicinal herbs, which was fine at first, as there were often some precious medicinal herbs up for auction, but later on, there were often some fakes in the auction, plus there were fewer and fewer precious medicinal herbs, so few people went to the auction anymore, and He Zhigang stopped paying attention to it.