A Man Like No Other Chapter 309

“A batch?” Zhou Zhiqian’s eyes lit up, “Hahahaha, good point, good point, Mr. He thinks of my Tong Ren Tang, then I can’t lose out on Mr. He, when the time comes, the tea money can’t be missing!”

In the business world, there are many cases of introducing clients to each other, so it’s a rule of the trade to give some introduction fee!

“Old man Zhou is very kind, this is my brother, not an outsider, so the tea money will be waived, just give some discount on the price at that time!”

He Zhigang hurriedly said.

“Understood, understood ……” Zhou Zhiqian smiled, and then looked at Chen Ping and said, “This little brother, I wonder how many herbs over a hundred years old do you need?”

“As many as you want!” Chen Ping said indifferently.

When Zhou Zhiqian heard this, he was stunned, and then laughed, “Little brother, you probably don’t know the price of this hundred-year-old medicinal herbs, one of them costs more than ten million, and those of good quality can even reach tens of millions, and do you know how many of these medicinal herbs I have here? Do you know how many such medicinal herbs there are in the whole of Yuncheng?”

He Zhigang also whispered in Chen Ping’s ear, “Brother Chen Ping, you can buy some first to see, although this stuff is good, but if you buy too much, it’s useless to smash it in your hand!”

At this moment, He Zhigang still did not know that Chen Ping had bought the herbs to refine pills, not to sell them at all!

Chen Ping didn’t say anything, but looked at Zhou Zhiqian and said, “Elder Zhou, I heard that your shop has a thousand year old Lingzhi, which is the treasure of the shop, I wonder if I can take a look at it?”

“What? You want to buy it?” Zhou Zhiqian asked.

“If it’s really a thousand year old Lingzhi, I will definitely buy it, the price is whatever you want to pay!”

If it was real, Chen Ping would try everything to take it down, a thousand year old Lingzhi would be enough to raise Chen Ping’s strength by one rank!

“Hahahaha, nowadays young people are really deep in hiding, it seems I am really getting old!” Zhou Zhiqian laughed, “But since it’s the treasure of the shop, I won’t sell it for any amount of money, let’s talk about the hundred-year-old herbs!”

“Alright, then please ask Elder Zhou to take out the herbs and make a price!”

Chen Ping smiled faintly, but did not insist, because he had sensed long ago, there was not a single herb over a thousand years old inside the entire shop, only in this backyard, there was a herb with large fluctuations of spiritual energy, and it was only a few hundred years old!

It seems that this Tong Ren Tang has been claiming to have a thousand year old Ganoderma lucidum in the shop, but it is just bragging!

Zhou Zhiqian nodded his head and clapped his hands three times, immediately someone came over with a wooden box, there were five wooden boxes in total, all containing hundred-year-old mountain ginseng, Lingzhi, snake yellow and other herbs.

“Little brother, here are all hundred-year-old medicinal herbs of the highest quality, do you want to take a look first?” Zhou Zhiqian pointed to the wooden box and said.

“No need, Elder Zhou should talk about the price first!”

Chen Ping shook his head.

Zhou Zhiqian was delighted, he liked this kind of rash young man, who knew nothing but pretended to be profound, this kind of person was the best to make money!

“Little brother is quick, since you trust me and you are Mr. He’s brother, we will pay a bite of twenty million dollars a plant, Mr. He also knows the market, the top grade hundred age herbs, we have to pay twenty million dollars to acquire them!”

Zhou Zhiqian squinted his eyes and said with a brash look.

Chen Ping knew that this Zhou Zhiqian was not lying, because at Renhe Hall, this He Zhigang was also planning to offer twenty million for acquiring that top grade hundred year old mountain ginseng, and it looked like the market was indeed at that price!

“Brother Chen Ping, for a top grade hundred-year-old herb, twenty million is indeed not much!” He Zhigang also said to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping nodded, then asked, “Brother He, what is the current market price for this lower grade hundred-year-old medicinal material?”

“The lower grade ones are much cheaper, at the very least, they are more than half as cheap, at most, they can’t exceed ten million!”

He Zhigang explained!