A Man Like No Other Chapter 308

A group of five people, went to the biggest medicinal herb market in Yuncheng, but after a big round, Chen Ping was a little disappointed, in the medicinal herb market were all ordinary medicinal herbs, even if there were some hundred year old medicinal herbs, they had long been drained of their ingredients and did not contain a trace of spiritual energy!

“Brother Chen Ping, can’t you even look at the things in this herbal market?”

He Zhigang looked at Chen Ping’s disappointed expression and asked carefully.

Chen Ping nodded, “The herbs I want must all be over a hundred years old and of superior quality, here they are all ordinary goods, nothing I need!”

He Zhigang listened and hesitated slightly before finally gritting his teeth and saying, “I’ll take you to the major medicine halls, they usually have the treasures of the shop in their hands, but it’s hard to say whether they sell them or not!”

He seldom went to other pharmacies, after all, they were all competitors and they would take precautions, and they would not take out their treasures for their peers to see.

But Chen Ping had done him such a great favour, he could only pull himself together and go to another family’s medicine hall to have a look!

“Thank you, Brother He!”

Chen Ping said gratefully.

“We are a family, what are we saying about two families, let’s go ……”

He Zhigang took Chen Ping to Tong Ren Tang, the largest medicinal hall in Yuncheng, which covered an area of thousands of square meters, and the entrance of the shop was even filled with cars, it looked a bit busier than He Zhigang’s Ren He Tang!

“Brother Chen Ping, this Tong Ren Tang has a lot of medicinal herbs that are over a hundred years old, and I heard that the treasure of the shop is the Lingzhi that is over a thousand years old, in the whole of Yuncheng, only this Tong Ren Tang has medicinal herbs that are over a thousand years old, so it has also established the status of this Tong Ren Tang in Yuncheng!”

He Zhigang introduced them as he led Chen Ping inside!

Just after walking into the hall, Chen Ping felt a burst of aura fluttering, and in an instant, he locked onto the herbs in several directions in the hall, and couldn’t help but feel strange.

“Big Brother He, will this Tong Ren Tang’s medicinal herbs that are over a hundred years old also be placed inside this hall?”

Chen Ping asked curiously.

“Yes, in the entire Cloud City, only Tong Ren Tang dares to place herbs over a hundred years old in the middle of the hall, and eighty percent of the herbs over a hundred years old in the entire Cloud City are also in the hands of Tong Ren Tang ………… ”

Plus when saying this, He Zhigang’s face slightly ugly, after all, is a peer, people have done so great, they feel a little embarra*sed!

“Well!” Chen Ping nodded, his heart snickering with joy, it looked like there was no need to search everywhere, as long as he followed Ren He Tang to talk down, he would not worry about finding precious herbs in the future.

“Mr. He, what a rare guest, why do you have time to come to my small shop?”

At this moment, an old man who was over half a hundred years old, wearing gla*ses and with a slightly bloated body walked over!

The old man’s body was swollen, but his pace was light, so he knew at a glance that he was a practitioner and his strength was not bad!

“Elder Zhou, I’ve taken the liberty of disturbing you today with a friend!”

Seeing this old man, He Zhigang hurriedly said with a respectful face!

“No disturbance, no disturbance, let’s have tea at the back!”

The old man laughed and made an inviting gesture!

He Zhigang nodded and the group followed behind the old man, heading for the backyard!

On the way, after He Zhigang’s introduction, Chen Ping learned that this old man Zhou’s name was Zhou Zhiqian, not a local of Yuncheng, he had come to Yuncheng when he was young to make his way and had fought and killed his way to the top, later monopolising the entire Yuncheng herbal market!

However, as he grew older, Zhou Zhiqian no longer fought and killed, and opened up the entire market in Yuncheng, which is why there are so many pharmacy halls in Yuncheng, but most of the precious herbs are still controlled by Tong Ren Tang!

After arriving at the backyard and taking his seat, He Zhigang opened up and said, “Elder Zhou, my brother wants to buy a batch of herbs that are more than 100 years old.