A Man Like No Other Chapter 306

Because of the middle-aged man’s raised voice, it caused Chen Ping to look there in disbelief.

“Mr. Zhao, we can still negotiate ah, this mountain ginseng is indeed of top quality, but this price of 20 million is really a bit high, or else you are lowering it slightly, I will transfer it to you immediately!”

He Zhigang said with a smile on his face.

“Twenty million, not a cent less, since you don’t want it, then I’ll leave!”

The middle-aged man said, directly getting up, picking up the wooden box and preparing to leave!

“Mr. Zhao, don’t rush, don’t rush, I want it, we at Renhe Hall want it, for no other reason, just to make you a friend!”

He Zhigang hurriedly stopped the middle-aged man, and then took out his mobile phone, “I’ll transfer the money to you now, if you have this kind of top quality ginseng again, and bring it to our Renhe Hall, I’ll definitely pay a high price!”

“Hahahaha, good point ……”

When that middle-aged man heard that, he burst out laughing, his face full of excitement!

“Brother He, wait ……”

Just as that He Zhigang was about to transfer money to the middle-aged man, Chen Ping suddenly walked over and stopped He Zhigang!

“Brother Chen Ping, what’s wrong?” He Zhigang asked, puzzled.

“This gentleman, can I have a look at this mountain ginseng?” Chen Ping asked to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man did not say anything, but looked at He Zhigang with a questioning look on his face.

“Oh, this is a brother of mine!”

He Zhigang hurriedly said.

“This mountain ginseng of mine, Mr. He has just seen it all, are there any questions?”

The middle-aged man looked at Chen Ping with a wary expression!

“I suspect that this mountain ginseng of yours is a fake!”

Chen Ping said with a cold laugh.

As soon as Chen Ping’s words left his mouth, the middle-aged man sprang up with an owl as if his tail had been stepped on: “What did you say? You dare to say that my mountain ginseng is fake? You haven’t even looked at it and you’re saying my ginseng is fake? Besides, Mr. He has inspected the goods, so how can it be fake? If you want to find trouble, I am not easy to bully.”

He Zhigang hurriedly accompanied with a smile and said, “Mr. Zhao, don’t be angry, this friend of mine likes to joke around!”

After comforting the middle-aged man, He Zhigang looked at Chen Ping with a slight frown, “Brother Chen Ping, I have already experienced this mountain ginseng, it is not a problem, besides, you haven’t even looked at it, how can you say it is fake!”

“This mountain ginseng is a fake, if you don’t believe me, we can open it to verify it, if you don’t dare to open it, it is a fake!”

Chen Ping looked at the middle-aged man coldly, making him feel a bit hairy inside!

“If you say open it, what if it’s real?”

The middle-aged man put on a brave face and called after Chen Ping, only he didn’t dare to look Chen Ping straight in the eyes!

“If it’s real, I can pay you $10 million!”

Chen Ping looked as if he was ready to do so.

At this time, Su Yuqi followed by Gu Yufei also came over, they didn’t expect Chen Ping to bet with someone!

Only Lin Tianhu remained sitting and drinking tea with a few sneers on his face, knowing that this middle-aged man in front of him was going to be unlucky.

Chen Ping’s chesty look startled the middle-aged man, before turning his gaze towards He Zhigang!

“Mr. Zhao, since brother Chen Ping wants to see it, then let him see it, or let him die, and when the time comes, I can raise the purchase price for you!”

He Zhigang didn’t believe the ginseng was fake, after all, he had seen it carefully, but Chen Ping insisted on seeing it, so let him see it, so that he could die!

“Good, since Mr. He said so, I’ll let him take a look and convince him too!”

The middle-aged man nodded his head with a grit of his teeth.

Slowly, the wooden box was opened and a mountain ginseng was lying quietly inside.

The ginseng was very large and the beard was very long, the main ginseng was thicker than two thumbs!