A Man Like No Other Chapter 303

Seeing Gu Yuyao suddenly targeting herself, Chen Ping looked helpless, surprisingly not knowing how to answer her!

“Yuyao, who eats soft rice? Is there still a man who eats soft rice in this society nowadays?”

At this moment, a handsome looking boy who was one meter eight tall walked over.

“Brother Zhigang, why are you only here? You’re always late for dinner every time!”

When Gu Yufei saw this boy, she said with a playful smile on her face.

“I just had a business talk, so I got delayed, as usual, I’m late, today I’ll pay for the bill, you guys can order whatever you want!”

The boy said with a smile, and then shot a glance at Su Yuqi.

“This is my cousin Su Yuqi, this is cousin’s boyfriend Chen Ping ……”

Gu Yufei followed the boy and introduced him!

“My name is He Zhigang, Yu Yao’s boyfriend!”

He Zhigang stretched out his hand and followed Su Yuqi and Chen Ping in a gentlemanly handshake!

Gu Yufei gave up her seat so that He Zhigang could sit with Gu Yuyao!

“What were we just talking about again? And talking about eating soft rice!”

After sitting down, He Zhigang asked Gu Yuyao.

“Just a casual remark, my cousin, who is the daughter of the richest man in Hongcheng, has found a guy who is idle, has no job at all and needs my cousin to buy her clothes, don’t you think that’s eating soft rice?”

Gu Yuyao said with a sigh, with a big sense of hatred!

Chen Ping’s face changed slightly, although Gu Yuyao was doing it for the good of Su Yuqi, but after repeatedly saying that about him, Chen Ping had some anger too!

He Zhigang could also see that Chen Ping’s face was not right, so he said to Gu Yuyao, “You can’t say that, there are so many family pairs under the sky, I see that this Chen Ping brother has an extraordinary talent, as long as he has the ability and is willing to work, he can’t guarantee that he will turn over a new leaf one day, so don’t look down on anyone!”

When He Zhigang finished, he nodded towards Chen Ping with a slight apology, “Brother Chen Ping don’t mind, their sisters are just too straightforward in their words and easily hurt people!”

“No, they’re all family members, cousin is also doing it for Yu Qi’s own good!”

Chen Ping felt good about that He Zhigang, and the anger in his heart had subsided quite a bit.

“Let’s order food and eat, today is on me, none of you save for me!”

He Zhigang said, called over the waiter and started to order food!

Soon, a table full of dishes was served, several people ate and chatted, in the conversation Chen Ping learned that this He Zhigang was easy-going, but his identity was not simple, but the grandson of the famous Renhe Hall in Yuncheng!

He knew that Ren He Tang was one of the top three in Yuncheng, with 18 pharmacies specialising in the recovery and sale of medicinal herbs, and was quite influential in the whole of Yuncheng!

Listening to He Zhigang’s talk, Chen Ping felt that the term rich second generation was not necessarily a derogatory term, depending on who it was applied to.

“Brother Chen Ping, are you guys coming to Yuncheng this time to visit your relatives or just go around?”

He Zhigang asked to Chen Ping.

The two were, to put it mildly, brothers-in-law, and deserved more communication!

“I’m planning to come over to buy a batch of medicinal herbs!”

Chen Ping said truthfully.

“That’s good, if you want any herbs, just tell me, we have all the herbs that you want at Renhe Hall, and they all have quality a*surance, we have such a relationship, I will give you the lowest price, in fact, if you really want to move this business, you can also make a lot of money selling herbs!”

He Zhigang misunderstood Chen Ping and thought he wanted to be a herb dealer!

“I didn’t mean that, I was planning to buy some herbs for my own use, at least a hundred year old ginseng, a hundred year old Lingzhi or something like that, if it was a thousand years old, that would be great!”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile.

He Zhigang froze for a moment, while Gu Yuyao snorted, “Are you out of your mind, do you know how much money you need for all these things you mentioned? Especially that thousand year old ginseng ganoderma, those are heavenly prices, I’m afraid that even if you were sold, you wouldn’t be able to afford them!”

Chen Ping didn’t say anything, and there was no need to explain!