A Man Like No Other Chapter 302

Gu Yufei and Su Yuqi hadn’t seen each other for years, and the two of them were chattering and having endless conversations!

“Sister Yuqi, which group’s grandson is your boyfriend?”

Gu Yufei asked.

“He’s not my boyfriend!” Su Yuqi shook her head.

“Pull it down, I’ve seen it all, he’s not your boyfriend, you’d sit with him and let him put his arm around you? Did you run out without your aunt’s knowledge?”

Gu Yufei said with a playful smile towards Su Yuqi.

“No, my dad knows we came to Yuncheng!” Su Yuqi hurriedly explained.

Otherwise, this Gu Yufei might take Su Yuqi for an elopement and have to call Su Wenzong when the time comes!

“Handsome guy, which group’s grandson are you? You seem to have some ability to make my sister Yuqi look at you!”

Gu Yufei was no longer afraid by this time, and followed Chen Ping with a playful face as she asked.

Chen Ping smiled lightly, “I’m not even a son of any group, I’m now a hobo, your cousin is supporting me, she bought these clothes for me!”

The suit Chen Ping was wearing now was indeed bought for him by Su Yuqi!

“Little white boy?” Gu Yufei froze, and the words “little white boy” came out of her mouth!

“Fei Fei, don’t talk nonsense!” Su Yuqi hurriedly glared at Gu Yufei before looking at Chen Ping apologetically, “Chen Ping, my cousin is just like this, don’t mind!”

Chen Ping smiled faintly, “That’s quite a good personality, I quite like it!”

“It’s useless to like me, I’m your sister-in-law!” Gu Yufei said playfully.

Chen Ping smiled helplessly, although this Gu Yufei’s words hurt people, she was straightforward and not bad-hearted, she was a bit like Su Yuqi in this respect!

Gu Yufei quickly drove to a western restaurant, parked the car, and then led Chen Ping and Su Yuqi inside!

At a table near the corner, a woman with big waves and a pair of sungla*ses hanging on her chest was concentrating on her mobile phone, quite a professional woman’s charm!

“Sister, look who’s here!”

Gu Yufei walked up to the woman and said excitedly.

The woman looked up and faintly stared, while Su Yuqi hurriedly shouted, “Sister Yu Yao, can you still recognise me?”

“Yu Qi, why have you come to Yuncheng? Hurry up and sit down!”

Gu Yuyao hurriedly stood up and asked with a happy face.

“My friend and I came to Cloud City to buy some medicinal herbs!”

Su Yuqi said and sat down next to Gu Yuyao.

It was then that Gu Yuyao noticed Chen Ping, looked him up and down, nodded slightly and reached out her hand, “My name is Gu Yuyao, Yuqi’s cousin!”

“I’m Chen Ping, Yu Qi’s friend!”

Chen Ping hurriedly reached out to follow Gu Yuyao and shook her hand!

After taking her seat, Gu Yuyao looked at Su Yuqi with a faint smile and asked in a small voice, “Yuqi, which family’s grandson is this? Looking very spirited, not bad!”

“Sister, don’t ask, I’ll tell you …………”

Gu Yu Fei pulled Gu Yuyao, and then whispered a few words in her ear, not knowing what was said!

I don’t know what Gu Yufei said, anyway, it was Gu Yuyao’s face was getting harder and harder, and the way she looked at Chen Ping had changed!

“Yu Qi, to have a boyfriend, you must be careful, this condition you have now, I believe there are many people who will pursue you, you are still young now, so you have to shine your eyes, don’t be cheated by some people, it will be too late to regret when you get married later!”

Gu Yuyao looked at Su Yuqi and said, but it was obvious that this was for Chen Ping’s ears!

“Sister Yu Yao, you misunderstood, in fact …………”

“No need to explain, I understand everything, I also came from that age of yours!”

The first thing you need to do is to get your hands and feet back on your feet, and then look at Chen Ping and say, “What’s wrong with having hands and feet, does soft rice smell so good?”